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Chicago Coders Conference 2017 - Metrics that matter


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How many times have you been asked to deliver on metrics that did not make sense, that were counterproductive to the team’s effectiveness, or that were seemingly impossible to collect? Often times, the metrics being collected are the ones that are easy, but not necessarily the ones that matter. When it comes to software delivery, lean and agile practices and methodologies have clearly taken the lead. In the spirit of Kaizen, this session will take a look at the measures we can and should collect from agile teams, why these metrics are relevant and interesting, and how we can use them to help our teams continuously improve.

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  • Great presentation Angela, so many things you said as missed when it comes to metrics!
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Chicago Coders Conference 2017 - Metrics that matter

  1. 1. Measuring the right things for the right reasons! Angela Dugan Principal Consultant, Agile Coach Polaris Solutions
  2. 2. Principal Consultant (SALTY!) Been doing software since 1999 (OLD!) Lots of certs (BORING!) Loves board games and running Possibly unhealthy love of Halloween? @OakParkGirl
  3. 3. @OakParkGirl
  4. 4. Lines of Code # Bugs Found# Bugs Fixed Velocity Utilization Lead Time Bug Reactivations Cyclomatic Complexity # Features Delivered WIP Planned vs. Actual Budget Overrun Sprint Burndown Actuals vs Estimate Build Quality Code Coverage
  5. 5. @OakParkGirl
  6. 6. @OakParkGirl
  7. 7. @OakParkGirl
  8. 8. @OakParkGirl
  9. 9. That which is measured will improve …at a cost @OakParkGirl
  10. 10. When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure @OakParkGirl
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  12. 12. @OakParkGirl
  13. 13. @OakParkGirl
  14. 14. So what the !@$#* are we supposed to measure Angela?!? @OakParkGirl
  15. 15. Measure LOTS of things! @OakParkGirl
  16. 16. VersionOne - 10th Annual State of Agile Report @OakParkGirl
  17. 17. WIP Velocity Burndown Cumulative Flow Team Confidence Happiness/Morale @OakParkGirl
  18. 18. WIP it good! @OakParkGirl
  19. 19. @OakParkGirl
  20. 20. Anything started and not DONE Lower WIP = Lower Lead Times Lower Lead Times = Faster Delivery Faster Delivery = Faster Feedback Faster Feedback = Less Waste @OakParkGirl
  21. 21. @OakParkGirl
  22. 22. Is affected by time poorly spent Is affected by dependency on other teams Is effected by team’s skill/confidence at estimating Is affected by too much WIP Is affected by unexpected outages and unplanned work @OakParkGirl
  23. 23. Velocity is a LAGGING indicator Velocity is not necessarily a good predictor for future performance Asking for higher velocity may come at a cost! Velocity trends are what is valuable  AIM FOR PREDICTABILITY OVER “PRODUCTIVITY” @OakParkGirl
  24. 24. @OakParkGirl
  25. 25. Can encourage people to “sandbag” if too heavily focused on “perfect burndown” Don’t panic or over-react to small jumps or flat spots, instead ask questions Watch for smells in process that protect the burndown like delaying bug-fixing or shrinking test cycles @OakParkGirl
  26. 26. @OakParkGirl
  27. 27. @OakParkGirl
  28. 28. @OakParkGirl
  29. 29. The features they are committing to deliver The code they are committing Their build/release process The new features they are about to deliver to a customer @OakParkGirl
  30. 30. @OakParkGirl
  31. 31. huh? @OakParkGirl
  32. 32. @OakParkGirl
  33. 33. Pay attention to how behavioral changes affect performance and overall team health @OakParkGirl
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  35. 35. Start measuring cause and effect of change instead of just cold, hard metrics! How is team WIP affecting velocity? How is velocity affecting quality? How is code churn affecting maintainability? How is velocity affecting team morale? How is team morale affecting quality? @OakParkGirl
  36. 36. If you’re not monitoring positive/negative impacts of things you are doing, what are you REALLY trying to achieve? @OakParkGirl
  37. 37. If you’re not monitoring positive/negative impacts of things you are doing, what are you REALLY trying to achieve? #FixedItForYou @OakParkGirl
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  39. 39. @OakParkGirl
  40. 40. “Velocity is not the goal” [Video] by Doc Norton Lean Change Management [Book] by Jason Little The Principles of Product Development Flow [Book] by Donald G. Reinertsen Drive: The Suprising Truth About What Motivates Us [Book] by Daniel Pink @OakParkGirl
  41. 41. Email: LinkedIn: My Blog - Twitter: @TeamPolaris, @OakParkGirl Polaris Solutions website - Meetups and Briefings: @OakParkGirl
  42. 42. Recording today at: 10:45am in Rm 102 4:00pm in Rm 102 Now on iTunes, Stitcher, and Agilepod!
  43. 43. August 7th - 9th, 2017 Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin Dells, WI 3 days, 125+ sessions, Mobile, Web, Cloud Sponsorship opportunities still available Registration opens soon! Web: Twitter: @ThatConference Facebook: Slack: @OakParkGirl
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