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  1. 1. Graphic Logs ofSedimentary Rocks I.G.Kenyon
  2. 2. Graphic Logs are a method used to record details of sedimentary successions to scaleThe vertical scale is used to record bed thickness to scale, typically the scale will be between 1:10 (1 cm to 10cm) and 1:100 (1 cm to 1 metre) The horizontal scale uses particle sizes of the WentworthScale, on the left hand side is Clay, then moving to the rightis Silt, Sand, Granules, Pebbles, Cobbles and finally BouldersA variety of symbols are used to indicate the presence of sedimentary structures including graded bedding, cross bedding, laminations, desiccation cracks, ripple marks, flute casts and erosion surfaces
  3. 3. Symbols Used on Graphic Logs
  4. 4. Typical Glacial Sequence
  5. 5. Typical Fluvial (Meandering River Channel) Sequence
  6. 6. Desert Sequence
  7. 7. Deltaic Sequence – Coal Measures Cyclothem
  8. 8. Turbidity Current Sequence(Bouma Sequence-5 Units)
  9. 9. Exam questions using graphic logs of sedimentary sequences
  10. 10. The End