Social media Press Release for WPCCC Cochabamba


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How to stay connected through social media to the Latino/Indigenous and Afro-descendent US perspectives of the World People's Conference on Climate Change as it unfolds.

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Social media Press Release for WPCCC Cochabamba

  1. 1. FACEBOOK: Being Latino Facebook Fan Page: Media Cochabamba Community Page:!/pages/Citizen-Media-Cochabamba/113939488627231?ref=tsGOOGLE GROUPS: WPCCC and WorldPCCCAlliesTWITTER HASTAGS: #WPCCC #PWCCC #LATISM #Cochabamba @WPCCC @KetyE @BeingLatino @DancingSparrow BLOGS:,, People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (WPCCC) in Cochabamba, Bolivia, but who exactly are these People and will they be heard? According to the WPCCC website, 13800 leaders and representatives from civil society organizations, governments and even some Hollywood celebrities from over 126 countries have signed up for the Conference and many more are expected to crowd the streets of Cochabamba, as the date gets closer. La Trenza Leadership, Eco-Hermanas (Eco-Sisters) an organization that “cultivates the collective-wisdom of power-sharing.” has organized a group of 12 Intergenerational, Indigenous, migrant, Afro-descendant, and Latino women and men leaders to join in the discussion at Cochabamba. They represent dignified yet vulnerable voices and communities of the United States. Amongst these leaders is the Executive Director of Being Latino, Lance Rios the largest group of Latinos on Facebook with close to 29,000 fans and the Executive Director of LATism, the largest organization of Latinos on Social Media. Angela Adrar, the Environmental Communicator for La Trenza Leadership states that “our three Latino led organizations are combining environmental justice with social media savvy and collaborating to assure that the US-Latino experience and the voices of all dignified yet vulnerable peoples of color present at the WPCCC are given a platform to travel through social media.” To facilitate and share this information, a Latism Twitter Fiesta is taking place from 8-9pm EST on Thursday April 15th, 2010 to discuss “Mama Tierra,” and that conversation can be accessed anytime by using the Hastag #LATISM. A new Facebook Community Page “Citizen Media Cochabamba,” was created to open up the conversation between the North and South. Other citizen initiated media is being posted, shared, and accessed at the links below because the only way we are going to come to a mutual agreement is if we listen to a diversity of voices. SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS for WPCCCKety EsquivelLance RiosAngela Adrar SOCIAL MEDIA PRESS RELEASE: 04.15.10 Dignified yet Vulnerable Voices: The People Speak at Cochabamba but who will listen?  (Washington, DC ) – Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, has asked the People to speak at the  <br />