Nalhfr conference las cruces nm


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Nalhfr conference las cruces nm

  1. 1. On a hot summer day in 2005, 400 plus Hispanic, Latino, African- American, Asian, and other minority farmers and ranchers gathered for the first time in Las Cruces, New Mexico to write a new chapter in American Agriculture
  2. 2. Sembrando Raices: "Building Leadership & Nurturing Our Legacy…" The theme was
  3. 3. First Annual Conference August 25-27, 2005, Las Cruces, NM
  4. 4. They came from New Mexico the host state, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, California, Oregon, Washington, North and South Carolina, as well as from far away places deep in Mexican territory, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Zacatecas, and the Federal District
  5. 5. Perhaps overwhelmed by the growing burdens encountered, but prepared to take their share of responsibility, they started with a simple benediction and the planting of an oak tree…
  6. 6. And their leaders guided them to fulfill their dreams and to inspire every one who cares about the future of the nation…
  7. 7. . HFRA Board Members 2005-2006
  8. 8. Edward Provencio, HFRA, Inc. Treasurer Margie Huerta, Mistress of Ceremonies Lupe Garcia, NALHFR, Inc. Las Cruces, New Mexico
  9. 9. . . Legislative breakfast session
  10. 10. Tom Hofeller, USDA, FSA, Washington, D.C. Conversation Track 1- B "Programs and Resources for Farmers and Ranchers"
  11. 11. Rudy Arredondo, President/CEO Washington, D.C.
  12. 12. And so they march to meet the Secretary…
  13. 13. Patiently waiting…
  14. 14. Take a note of one of our sponsors…
  15. 15. And welcome him with mariachis and goodwill…
  16. 16. The Forums: A USDA commitment to obtain public input to develop recommendations for the new farm bill.
  17. 17. The message…
  18. 18. Rolling up his sleeves and ready to listen…
  19. 19. Dionicio "Donnie" Valdez II, NALHFR, Weslaco, Texas
  20. 20. FFA Leader
  21. 21. 4H Leader
  22. 22. NALHFR Leaders and Advocates outlining major issues and concerns affecting minority farmers and ranchers… Lupe Garcia, NALHFR, Las Cruces, New Mexico
  23. 23. Prof. Juan Marinez, Michigan State University
  24. 24. Luz Bazan Gutierrez, NALHFR, Yakima, Washington
  25. 25. Alex Contreras, Rancher, Sour Lake, Texas
  26. 26. USDA Secretary with the NAVAJO NATION Chief
  27. 27. Rick Lopez, USDA - FSA Director, New Mexico
  28. 28. Dr. Gonzalez, New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture Hezekiah Gibson, Producer, Manning, South Carolina Alvin Alston, Producer, Sumter, South Carolina
  29. 29. Jennifer Carter, NALHFR Conference Coordinator Rudy Arredondo, NALHFR President/CEO Mon S. Yee, Professor, California State Polytechnic, Pomona
  30. 30. Lupe Garcia, NALHFR, Las Cruces, New Mexico and Hezekiah Gibson, Producer, Manning, South Carolina
  31. 31. Sheena Xiong, President, New American Farming Assn. Andres Madrigal, Producer, Salinas, California and friend.
  32. 32. Hon. Dr. Miley Gonzalez, New Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture
  33. 33. USDA - Agricultural Marketing Service was represented by: Brain Wright, John Langenegger, Vernon Burkholder, Ben Robles, Ricardo Krajewski, Patrick Romero, and Arthur Neal
  34. 34. Brainstorming session with Collette Harrell and Jennifer Samolyk, HOWREY LLP - Washington office…
  35. 35. Vernon Parker, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, USDA
  36. 36. Dr. Miley Gonzalez, New Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture Lorette Picciano, Executive Director, Rural Coalition
  37. 37. Alicia Rodriguez, Office of Outreach USDA, Vernon Parker, Assistant Secretary Office of Civil Rights, Annabelle Romero, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights.
  38. 38. Secretary's Mike Johanns sharing his Farm Forum experiences…
  39. 39. Arnoldo Cantu, President, Minority Agricultural Producers, Rio Grande Valley, Texas
  40. 40. Hon. Eligio "Kika" De La Garza, Representative (Ret.) U.S. House - Texas 15th Dist. Ricardo Krajewski, Economist, USDA-Agricultural Marketing Service, Washington, D.C.
  41. 41. History was made in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on August 2005. And then… They entertained themselves…
  42. 42. with serenatas…
  43. 43. and mariachis…
  44. 44. Mariachi Real de Chihuahua
  45. 45. A cultural event highlight a hat-exchange by two famous cowboys…
  46. 46. The "First Annual Conference" concluded with a Gala Event and Award Dinner honoring the Hon. Eligio "Kika" De la Garza with NALHFR First "Lifetime Achievement Award"
  47. 47. Born in Mercedes, Hidalgo County, Texas, Sept. 22, 1927 At age 17 enlisted in the Navy and serves until 1946 Served in Korea with the Army's 37th Artillery Division Earned Law degree from St Mary's Univ. in 1952 the same year he was elected to the Texas House of Representatives After six terms in Austin, in 1964 he was elected to the US House of Representatives, were he served for 36 years Thirteen of those were served as the Chairman of the Agriculture Committee, successfully leading the way for the House to passed three successful omnibus farm bills Those of 1981, 1985, and 1990. In addition to his many recognitions he is the recipient of the Order of the Aztec Eagle, the highest honor Mexico can bestow on a foreigner…
  48. 48. Hon. Eligio "Kika De La Garza, and his spouse…
  49. 49. Hon. Dr. Miley Gonzalez, New Mexico's Secretary of Agriculture and his spouse enjoying the gala…
  50. 50. Hon. Eligio "Kika" De La Garza Mrs. Cecila "Cicy" Davila, Rancher, Hargill, Texas
  51. 51. Lorette Picciano, Executive Director, Rural Coalition Alex Contreras, Rancher, Sour Lake, Texas Jennifer Carter, NALHFR Conference Coordinator
  52. 52. Jennifer Samolyk with Margie Huerta, Conference's Mistress of Ceremonies, and Collette Harrell
  53. 53. Lorette Picciano, Executive Director, Rural Coalition Alvin Alston, Farmer, Sumter, South Carolina
  54. 54. Mr. & Mrs. Marcelino Davila, Rancher, Hargill, Texas
  55. 55. Selma Navarro, HLPANR participant and mother with Isadora Genesis, baby, San Antonio,TX
  56. 56. And they danced the night away…. Margie Huerta, Mistress of Ceremonies Edward Provencio, HFRA, Inc. Treasurer
  57. 57. Conference Host Committee Paul Gutierrez, State Dir., USDA NM Office of Rural Development Lupe Garcia, Pres., HFR of America, Las Cruces, NM Dr. Miley Gonzalez, Secretary, New Mexico Department of Agriculture Carlos Marantes, Director, Agriculture Workers Project, El Paso, Texas Arnoldo Cantu, Pres., Minority Agric. Producers, Rio Grande Valley Pete Grijalva Jr. President, Hispanic Farmers Assn., El Paso, Texas
  58. 58. The NALHFR Board will like to thank: USDA - Office of Outreach & Diversity Risk Management Agency Agricultural Marketing Service RURAL COALITION Hispanic Organization Leadership Alliance (HOLA) John Deere Willy C. Velasquez Foundation SANGHA - A fair trade store Hispanic Farmers and Ranchers of America Inc. Minority Agricultural Producers Rural Community Development Resources Center
  59. 59. Their journey is under way they will continue "Sembrando raices"… Todo pasa y todo queda pero el nuestro es pasar pasar haciendo caminos caminos sobre la mar. Golpe a golpe, verso a verso Al andar se hace camino y al volver la vista atras se ve la senda que nunca se ha de volver a pisar. Caminante no hay camino se hace camino al andar… Antonio Machado