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The tender voices of a local children's choir singing the
National Anthem carried through the crowd of thousands...
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Fight Hunger Walk the World Senegal


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A summary article of the United Nations World Food Programme's Walk the World Event in Senegal West Africa designed to build awareness and fundraise to fight child hunger worldwide.

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Fight Hunger Walk the World Senegal

  1. 1. Programa Programme World Food Mundial de Alimentaire Programme Mondial Alimentos L’Organisation d’Aide Alimentaire du Système des Nations Unies SUMMARY WALK THE WORLD SENEGAL By Angela Adrar THE PEOPLE Walk the World: La Marche Contre la Faim in Senegal counted on more than 18 500 men, women and children early on a Sunday morning singing, drumming, dancing, rollerblading and walking against hunger in the streets of Dakar, Kaolack and Ziguinchor. May 21st, 2006 was an exhilarating day in Senegal that empowered people to take action against hunger with the encouragement and involvement of the United Nations World Food Programme-WFP regional and country staff, the government, sponsors, NGOs, associations, schools, and volunteers. Mothers and Children benefiting from WFP’s School Feeding Programs in the regions of Kaolack and Ziguinchor walked to show the world that a child studying with a full stomach makes the difference. In Dakar, 8 500 school children from over 300 local schools woke early, travelled from the outskirts of the city by bus (donated by Dakar Dem Dikk) with their classmates and teachers to participate in this unforgettable experiential learning Dakar lesson in fighting hunger. “The Walk in Senegal The sound system was checked, drummers, dancers, health and security in place marked the point of before 10:00am. More than 300 employees of sponsor organizations and companies departure for what is had found their banner, each other, their motivation and place of departure. The final possible, if a community touch to prepare for the opening ceremony was to get 50 brave preschoolers from in solidarity is the ages of 4 to 6 to their spot up front and center which, participated on behalf of committed to their l’Agence National de la Case des Tout-Petits, an initiative of the First Lady, Madame their children, Vivian Wade. Linked hand in hand these preschoolers walked through the crowd of and to a better world.” supporters to naturally lead this historical Walk the World manifestation through the Angela Adrar streets of Senegal West Africa. Walk the World Senegal Coordinator REPRESENTATION AU SENEGAL 10, avenue Pasteur X rue Galiéni – BP 6288 Dakar-Etoile - Dakar (République du Sénégal) Tél. +(221) 849 65 30 - Fax +(221) 822.37.98 E.Mail
  2. 2. THE WALK The tender voices of a local children's choir singing the National Anthem carried through the crowd of thousands lifting the spirit and attention of all the to the stage where the motivational opening speech took place with the Minister of Literacy Mr. Diégane Sène, the President of CONGAD, the largest NGO consortium of Senegal, and the Representative of WFP Senegal; Omar Bula Escobar. Dakar The Opening Speech emphasized food security, the end of of child hunger and the importance of reaching our Millennium Goal for 2015 with the help of the Senegalese people. Omar Bula Escobar WFP Country Director quoted a famous Brazilian activist that captured the emotion of the day and set us on our way. « La Solidarité ne se remercie pas, elle se Commémore » (Solidarity is not thanked, it is commemorated)- Herbert de Souza Betinho. The music and Fight Hunger banners « Ensemble Contre la Faim » held up by the representatives of the Senegalese Government, the WFP Representative, and Sponsors such as CitiGroup, Mobil and World Vision led the well organised crowd along the circuit. Children were leading walkers in front of the Mayors Office, past the historic Train Station, through the colorful street markets, to the Presidential Palace and back to the Place de l’Independance. Along the way, the walkers were met by drummers and dancers that marked the rhythm of the Walk and kept the walkers in high spirits. Water points were positioned by Kirene, our sponsor water supplier to keep walkers cool and quenched in the heat of the sun. Upon reaching the finish line, the songs sung by local Senegalese performers like Pape Ndiaye Thiopète, DJ Awadi, and many others during the closing concert marked the success of an excellent event and the Ziguinchor beginning of a new Senegalese tradition. THE RESULTS Kaolack We surpassed by almost 3 times our modest Goal of mobilizing 7500 walkers in Senegal. A great accomplishment! Local schools taught session on CHILD HUNGER prior to the Walk in over 800 schools. Over 500 private companies, public organisations, and embassies were informed about Walk the World, CHILD HUNGER and the WFP’s role in the Fight. Some 40 Sponsors generously contributed approximately 100 000 USD in cash and in kind contributions to make Walk the World in Senegal a success. Our goal is to raise 200 000 USD. The fundraising strategy closes at the end of September, events and activities are planned in the following months to continue collecting funds for the Ziguinchor WFP-School Feeding Programmes and promote REPRESENTATION AU SENEGAL 10, avenue Pasteur X rue Galiéni – BP 6288 Dakar-Etoile - Dakar (République du Sénégal) Tél. +(221) 849 65 30 - Fax +(221) 822.37.98 E.Mail