Carina Press 2012 RWA Spotlight Presentation


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Carina Press 2012 RWA Spotlight Presentation

  1. 1. RWA Nationals 2012 Spotlight
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3.  Harlequin’s digital-first imprint First books published in June 2010 2-4 digital releases a week Special projects Publication in digital, audio w/print potential 5-8 % acceptance rate
  4. 4.  Higher digital royalty No DRM Worldwide/all rights Faster speed to market Wider array of editorial content Shorter contract term No advance
  5. 5. • Dedicated editorial support• Assistance and feedback on marketing plans• An enthusiastic, professional, knowledgeable and responsive team• Continued marketing opportunities• Cross promotion on and in Harlequin newsletters• Continued workshop opportunities• Professional covers
  6. 6.  Team leaders: Farah Mullick, Malle Vallik, Angela James Editorial: Carrie Holden Marketing: Tara Stevens, Melissa Anthony Retail: Aideen O’Leary-Chung, Josh Kerbel, Julie Forrest, Carly Chow Website: Eleanor Elliott Production: Jenny Bullough, Brendan Flattery, Amy Wilkins Acquisitions: Stephanie Doig Community: Jayne Hoogenberk 14 editors, 14 copy editors Social media & other support: Rhonda Helms, Mallory Braus Cover copy: Andrea Kerr, Alison Dasho, Jeff Seymour We are looking to expand!
  7. 7. Where we’ve been, where we are, where we we’re going
  8. 8. PastEditorial, Global, Marketing
  9. 9.  Accepted all adult commercial fiction genres Small editorial staff 4-6 books released/week
  10. 10.  Developing author branding Making miniseries more prominent
  11. 11.  Developing author branding Making miniseries more prominent
  12. 12.  Genre Promotions: ◦ Steampunk week ◦ Fantasy week ◦ Romantic suspense week Exclusive collections by our top authors ◦ Contemporary holiday romance ◦ Male/male holiday romance ◦ Paranormal holiday romance ◦ Steampunk holiday romance
  13. 13.  Digital only No foreign sales
  14. 14. PresentEditorial, Global, Marketing
  15. 15.  Adult fiction genres (except inspirational) Romance and non-romance All heat levels 15,000 words + Previously published work
  16. 16.  Contemporary romance Paranormal romance Romantic suspense Erotic romance
  17. 17.  Contemporary romance Romantic suspense Mystery
  18. 18.  265 contracted authors ◦ 30 % debut Over 2/3 multi-book contracts or multiple contracts
  19. 19. Continue establishing consistent looks for connected editorialand develop author brand
  20. 20.  Consumer Promotion: • Traditional print and digital advertising: print ads, email marketing, on-site promotions, affiliate marketing, search engine advertising, and banner ads. • Strong presence at reader and author conferences. Social Media: • A coordinated social media plan is created across the Carina Press blog, Facebook and Twitter and utilizes the energy and enthusiasm of the Carina Press team, editors and authors. • Integration of initiatives across social properties of the Harlequin brand, Carina authors and other potential partners to expand our digital footprint. Empowering and Supporting Authors • Provide training in social media and marketing, brand awareness, website design, self-editing and other topics. • Provide marketing materials such as banner ads and postcards. • Harlequin’s author portal and concierge service
  21. 21. Individual Titles Genre Variety
  22. 22. Example: July 2012
  23. 23. Harlequin Seasonaland Genre Campaigns Harlequin Digital Properties & newsletters
  24. 24. "Dryden manages to pull off in this super sexy little story what many authors struggle to doin novels twice its size… With BDSM erotica all the rage right now, its a pleasure to find astory thats a perfect example of how good these books can be when crafted by a talentedauthor." - RT Editor on The Theory of Attraction“With its small-town setting, older protagonists, and lack of tiny children, Boomerang Bridereminds me of some of my preferred authors and books in the SuperRomance line, but itsadded length allows it to have a strong secondary romance as well.” - Grade B, Dear Author on Boomerang Bride"Highly recommended for romantic suspense fans, especially those who like stories withcomplex relationships." — Library Journal on Danger Zone
  25. 25. “Please accept my compliments on doing a Pride Month promotion. Now I know the idea is to sell more books - but you people do it with such class. This is a wonderful thingthat you have done and I just want you to know that there are people out here who really, really appreciate it!”
  26. 26. Truly a global publisher 114 markets 34 languages 5 joint ventures 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries 10 licensees 90 export markets
  27. 27. FutureEditorial, Global, Marketing
  28. 28.  Further targeting of specific genres Special projects Scheduling more connected editorial from individual authors Updated submission guidelines
  29. 29.  Increase level of Carina marketing support including: o Social Media: Connect with readers through the touch points they prefer and foster authentic two-way relationships o Aggressive external advertising o Digital Sampling o Digital Partnerships (mass/niche) o Conference and Industry promotion o Increased cross-promotion on Harlequin digital properties Increase level of Carina Press PR Continue to: o Build Carina awareness and promotion on 3rd party vendors o Exclusive collections by our top authors o Provide solid promotional support for Carina authors
  30. 30.  Increased utilization of print and foreign rights Continued uptake of Carina Press titles through Harlequin international businesses
  31. 31. Not a top author? We still build you. Fiona Lowe
  32. 32. New authors receive support too
  33. 33. Peer support
  34. 34. Harlequin author portal
  35. 35. Behind the scenes dedication
  36. 36. @CarinaPress How to find us
  37. 37.  Visit for guidelines and FAQs Full manuscript and synopsis To submit
  38. 38. Questions