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Weathering Outline For Sci 8


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Weathering Outline For Sci 8

  1. 1. Name _____________________________________ Science 8 Unit 4: Weathering and Erosion A. Weathering: is _________________________________________________________________ For weathering to occur the rocks must be exposed to one or more of the following: 1. _________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________ Evidence of Weathering: The end product of the weathering of rocks is ______________________________. Physical Weathering: Rocks are broken into smaller pieces without changing the ______________________ nature of rock. Explain how the following can cause physical weathering in the following ways: * Freezing/thawing of water: * Abrasion: * Biologic activity: * Human Actions: If your increase surface area, you will _____________________ the rate of weathering. Chemical Weathering: Rocks are broken and the chemical composition is ______________________.
  2. 2. Examples of chemical weathering: ♦ Oxidation: Occurs when _________________ from air combines with ____________________ to form oxides. Ex. _________________________________ ♦ Carbonation: Occurs when _________________containing ___________ acid dissolves minerals. Ex. __________________________________ ♦ Pollution: Can speed up the rate of weathering. Oxides of ______________ & _______________ make rainwater unnaturally acidic. Ex. __________________________________ ♦ Hydration: Occurs when ________________ such as mica and feldspar absorb _____________ and weaken to form ______________________ Climate Affects Weathering: Physical weathering dominates in ________________, _________________ climates Chemical weathering dominates in ________________, _________________ climates In general when there is more _______________________ there is more weathering. Weathering Rates: Rate of weathering also depends on: ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Soil formation: Soil is the combination of: ______________________, ________________________, ____________________ The end product of the weathering of rocks and biologic activity is_________________.
  3. 3. B. Erosion: is ________________________________________________ and Depositing them elsewhere. Erosion is driven by the force of **______________________________. The agents of Erosion are:  ____________________________________________  ____________________________________________  ____________________________________________ Each Agent of Erosion Produces it’s Own Characteristic Shape and Texture in the sediment: Draw each one: Running Water: _______________________________________ Glacial Ice: __________________________________________ Wind ______________________________________________ Gravity Fall:_________________________________________ * The primary agent of erosion ________________ __________________