On giving technical presentations (a rant)


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Rants shouldn't be taken too seriously

- announce at the beginning if it's an open-source tool, a commercial tool or just a theoretical concept.

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On giving technical presentations (a rant)

  1. 1. my 2c (rant) on giving technical presentations my first and last text-only slidedeck ;) hastily typed by Ange Albertini www.corkami.com
  2. 2. disclaimer: I’m no award-winning presenter but I saw too many ‘awesome presentations’ where the person on stage just read out loud a blog post instead of giving a good presentation. and they presented the same thing the month before. TBH we were just listening to show respect for the technical level of the presenter,
  3. 3. reminder: don’t take it personally just a generic rant from a normal guy: I have no cert, no fancy education, I never presented at $LeetCon you can close this window now.
  4. 4. tell a story… rehearse a lot… a picture is worth… bullet points… don’t be an assh*le... the usual advice
  5. 5. <insert fancy title here> with buzzwords! or cool sentences like: “...for fun & profit” “yo dawg, I herd you like...” How many great music bands called their first albums “1”, “2”, “3”... did that matter ?
  6. 6. my bio is awesome I’ve been XX years in the industry I code/break stuff my employer is awesome and hiring does saying that make any difference?
  7. 7. let’s make my bio bigger with really unrelated stuff wow, so you’re awesome at $sport ? ever heard Tom Morello mentioning he attended Harvard during a concert ? or Brian May talking about astrophysics between 2 songs ?
  8. 8. my life is awesome AKA: do you really need yet another real life pic? I’m really happy to see a picture of your desk! oohh, I have the same mousepad ! and that toy that anybody can get at thinkgeek!! just for a prezo that can be summarized in 5 mins?
  9. 9. define the audience both lower and upper limits of technical details
  10. 10. use non-technical analogies when possible we’re techies, but it’s always nice to be able to explain it to non-techies. and our kids.
  11. 11. refrain from showing something too technical if only one person in the audience gets it, then better just mention it and put it in an extra document
  12. 12. it’s about following an argument, not random knowledge stuffing don’t show off with unrelated stuff, it’s just a distraction despite the potential WOW effect
  13. 13. showing code doesn’t make it always better processing any programming language takes time, so you may want to: - focus on describing what’s happening - show the code in extra ‘offline’ document
  14. 14. clean-up screenshots do you really need to show IDA offsets? (or the full IDE/desktop/whatever) every time? nvm, we can set ProcessDetails=0 in eyes.cfg
  15. 15. limit text as much as possible AKA: are you a lawyer redacting a EULA? keep extra details for an extra document such as : - extra slides after the conclusion - offline version of the slides - article - detailed blog post
  16. 16. but this deck is text-only !!! it wasn’t presented live anywhere ;)
  17. 17. slides shouldn’t be boring. PoCs should be sexy. but it’s OK, if you have nothing to show. (or just add another meme !!!)
  18. 18. add another meme plz they’re so funny !! we’ve never seen them before !!
  19. 19. “sorry, I started my slides yesterday” “I’m too leet for those of you who invested a lot of effort to come and attend”
  20. 20. “this is the same presentation I did last year” “I’m too leet to make some extra effort” or maybe “the person who did the actual research had no more time for it, I’m just the show puppet”
  21. 21. “I actually improved this prezo, but I kept it for $leetcon” “I’m really too leet for you, s*ckers”
  22. 22. “I don’t have the time for fancy slides” a suggestion to save your precious time: - go back to your work desk - paste your slides’ text into pastebin - tweet the link voilà!
  23. 23. demos failure can happen to everyone but at least, a fallback slide/video recording would have been nice aka “when a guitar string is broken on stage, the drummer starts a solo”
  24. 24. you may never be completely ready... but well prepared may be enough...
  25. 25. make a test presentation with your friends to feel more comfortable… to see the public’s reaction… to answer further questions in advance...
  26. 26. vendor pitch? don’t even get me started
  27. 27. Conclusion
  28. 28. reminder: don’t take rants seriously we still love you for your awesome research provided it’s really awesome, that is: not just your fancy smile or haircut.
  29. 29. the end you can close this window now...
  30. 30. hey, you jumped to the end! (awww, french guys aren’t funny anyway)