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Unlocking the cash in cashew the olam factor by sotonye anga


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The story of how one company, founded in Nigeria expanded into 70 Countries. OLAM, a success story for Nigeria’s Agribusiness. Created over 5,000 jobs for Nigerians, 80% of the jobs went to women, this is why we say cashew is about women empowerment.

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Unlocking the cash in cashew the olam factor by sotonye anga

  1. 1. 1989OLAM wasfounded inNigeria5/11/2013 2sotonye anga
  2. 2. Mono product companyBeganbusinesstrading incashew nuts5/11/2013 3sotonye anga
  3. 3. Start small, grow bigVeryhumblebeginning5/11/2013 4sotonye anga
  4. 4. Power of focusRemainedfocused andsteadfast inthe cashewbusiness5/11/2013 5sotonye anga
  5. 5. Within few yearsOLAM had expandedits sourcing of rawcashew nuts to coverthe cashewproducing areas inthe country5/11/2013 6sotonye anga
  6. 6. 1.Superior logistics2.LBAs3.Farmers4.CredibilityWhat worked for OLAM:5/11/2013 7sotonye anga
  7. 7. LogisticsBuilt on thestrengths ofsuperiorlogistics5/11/2013 8sotonye anga
  8. 8. LBAsCreated arobustnetwork oflocal buyingagents (LBAs)5/11/2013 9sotonye anga
  9. 9. Connect with farmersDeeprelationshipwithfarmers5/11/2013 10sotonye anga
  10. 10. CredibilityAccess tofundbased oncredibility5/11/2013 11sotonye anga
  11. 11. Raw means limited marketExporting rawcashewnuts to Indiaand Vietnam5/11/2013 12sotonye anga
  12. 12. Export of rawcommodities is afast way to makequick returns buthurts theeconomy on thelong term5/11/2013 13sotonye anga
  13. 13. These aretheimplications5/11/2013 14sotonye anga
  14. 14. No need to tieup cash inbuildinginfrastructure15/11/2013 15sotonye anga
  15. 15. No need forlargeworkforce25/11/2013 16sotonye anga
  16. 16. Operationalcost is low35/11/2013 17sotonye anga
  17. 17. You areflexible anddo not needto becommitted toany country45/11/2013 18sotonye anga
  18. 18. We exportour jobswhen weexport rawcommodities55/11/2013 19sotonye anga
  19. 19. Loss ofrevenue thatwould haveaccrued fromvalue addition65/11/2013 20sotonye anga
  20. 20. We cannotrealize thefull potentialof the crop75/11/2013 21sotonye anga
  21. 21. Wecannotbuild ourcashewindustry85/11/2013 22sotonye anga
  22. 22. Market islimited95/11/2013 23sotonye anga
  23. 23. We are atthe mercyof fewimporters105/11/2013 24sotonye anga
  24. 24. The industryisendangered115/11/2013 25sotonye anga
  25. 25. Cashewfarmers in thecountry will beimpoverished125/11/2013 26sotonye anga
  26. 26. Exportingrawcommoditieshurts oureconomy135/11/2013 27sotonye anga
  27. 27. Nigeria cannotdevelop if wecontinue toexport rawcommodities145/11/2013 28sotonye anga
  28. 28. Nigeria cannotprosper as No 1exporter of rawcommodities155/11/2013 29sotonye anga
  29. 29. Nigeria’s youthunemploymentlevels willremain high ifwe continue toexport rawcommodities165/11/2013 30sotonye anga
  30. 30. Continuousexport of justraw cashew nutsmeans danger tothe Nigerianeconomy175/11/2013 31sotonye anga
  31. 31. WhatOLAM diddifferently5/11/2013 32sotonye anga
  32. 32. OLAM didsomebackwardintegration5/11/2013 33sotonye anga
  33. 33. 2004 OLAMbegancashewprocessing inNigeria5/11/2013 34sotonye anga
  34. 34. Establishingcashewfactories inKwara and OyoStates ofNigeria5/11/2013 35sotonye anga
  35. 35. Impact ofOLAM’scashewprocessingoperations inNigeria5/11/2013 36sotonye anga
  36. 36. Encouragedurban toruralmigration15/11/2013 37sotonye anga
  37. 37. Boostedeconomicactivities inrural areas25/11/2013 38sotonye anga
  38. 38. Createdover 5,000jobs forNigerians35/11/2013 39sotonye anga
  39. 39. Over 80% ofthe jobswent towomen45/11/2013 40sotonye anga
  40. 40. This is why we saycashew is aboutwomenempowerment55/11/2013 41sotonye anga
  41. 41. No other industryencourageswomenemployment inNigeria as cashew65/11/2013 42sotonye anga
  42. 42. OLAM TODAY•Well diversified productmix•20 commodities in itsproduct line•Operates in 70 Countries5/11/2013 43sotonye anga
  43. 43. OLAMUnlockedthe cash in cashew5/11/2013 44sotonye anga
  44. 44. OLAM, the story of a new Nigeria5/11/2013 45sotonye anga
  45. 45. OLAM,success story forNigeria’sAGRIBUSINESS5/11/2013 46sotonye anga
  46. 46. Thankyou5/11/2013 47sotonye anga