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As Chairman of the LOC for the NEXIM & NCAN CASHEW FINANCE FORUM, my welcome address will be a little different from what is normal. This is because we are talking about the WINNER CROP and the best fruit to eat in order to promote our health, life and economy. When we build our cashew industry, we engage our women, our men and most importantly our youths. NEXIM Bank is here to meet a very important need of the industry, let us take advantage of this window of opportunity.


  1. 1. A LITTLE SHIFT• As Chairman of the LOC for the NEXIM& NCAN CASHEW FINANCE FORUM, mywelcome address will be a little differentfrom what is normal. This is because weare talking about the WINNER CROP andthe best fruit to eat in order to promoteour health, life and economy.4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com2
  2. 2. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com3
  3. 3. GET THE CASH IN CASHEW•It is interesting tonote that the first 4letters in cashew isCASH4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com4
  4. 4. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com5•CASHEW ISABOUT CASH
  5. 5. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com6•Get the cashin cashew
  6. 6. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com7•This is why we aregathered here today, so asto get access to low costfunding in order to buildour cashew businesses.
  7. 7. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com8•I am particularly delightedthat the NEXIM Team isfully prepared to show ushow and meet our fundingneeds.
  8. 8. WHAT NEXT• We, the cashew people:farmers, traders, processors,exporters and all players inthe value chain need to takeadvantage of this window ofopportunity4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com9
  9. 9. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com10Cashew the winner crop•Let’s talkabout thewinner crop
  10. 10. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com11•Cashew is adogged, resilient,and rugged crop
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  22. 22. Several products from cashewRaw cashew nutsCashew appleCashew kernelCashew nut shell liquidCashew apple juiceCashew oilCashew butter4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com23
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  25. 25. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com26•We cannot afford tocontinue to allow ourprecious cashewapple waste away
  26. 26. 4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com27•Let us convertthis huge wasteto wealth
  27. 27. 4/21/2013 28BY SOTONYE ANGA
  28. 28. CASHEW CREATES EMPLOYMENT•When we build ourcashew industry, weengage our women, ourmen and mostimportantly our youths4/21/2013BY SOTONYE ANGA EMAIL:anga4000@yahoo.com29
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