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Writing: excursion to Bobastro and the castle of Teba


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Simple writing guide to help students write about their experience.

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Writing: excursion to Bobastro and the castle of Teba

  1. 1. Write a composition about your excursion to the ruins of the city of Bobastroand the castle of Teba. Do not forget to give as many details as you can. Youcan add some photos, if you want. Write 80-100 words.USEFUL VOCABULARY AND PHRASESgo on an excursionbus-standfixed daycatch the busreach / get therenice / beautiful / interesting / wonderfulmany kinds ofcastleruinsguidesweets / candies / gums / chewing gumsat about / around 9 amI was bored / excited / frightened / happy / glad / … about was real great fun / boring / amusing / funny…we enjoyed a lot / we had a great time.the sight was fascinating.we were (un)lucky with the weather, although it was a little cold / hot / was a beautiful sunny / an ugly rainy day, but it was freezing / very cold /really cool.we were 30/40/50… all together.these are some of the photos from that day.last week / a couple of days ago REMEMBER: simple past + expressions of time and place who,what,when,where first, then, later, finally in the morning, in the afternoon, at the end of the day