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Wh Questions


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Published in: Education, Technology

Wh Questions

  1. 1. Wh Questions
  2. 2. En éste tipo de preguntas la respuesta no es ni afirmativa ni negativa, es decir, la pregunta requiere información extra. Para redactar una oración correctamente se debe seguir el siguiente orden gramatical… + + + + Aux Subject Verb Wh Complement
  3. 3. I am reading a very interesting novel. What are you reading? It’s a flowery t-shirt. What is that?
  4. 4. Brad Pitt is Angelina Jolie’s husband. Who is Brad Pitt? John is wearing a patterned sweatshirt. Who is wearing a patterned sweatshirt?
  5. 5. We are going to Poland. Where are you going on holiday? I usually go to Málaga. Where do you go on Sundays?
  6. 6. I prefer the blue one. Which T-shirt do you prefer? I prefer violet. Which colour do you prefer?
  7. 7. I go to English lessons every Tuesday. When do you go to English lessons? I usually study from four o’clock to ten o’clock. When do you study?
  8. 8. I have got two dogs and a cat. How many pets have you got? I have got about fifteen T-shirts. How many T-shirts have you got?
  9. 9. I drink two litres of water every day. How much water do you drink every day? You need two spoons of oil. How much oil do you need for this?
  10. 10. I go to school at ten past eight. What time do you go to school? I usually go to bed at eleven o’clock. What time do you go to bed?
  11. 11. Because I have an exam tomorrow. Why are you studying? Because my room was very untidy. Why are you tidying your room?
  12. 12. The ruler is 7cm long. How long is the ruler? The conference is two hours long. How long is the conference?
  13. 13. HOW FAR HOW HOW OFTEN Whose HOW OLD more question words... We celebrate Xmas by giving presents. How do you celebrate Xmas? I brush my teeth three times a day. How often do you brush your teeth? Granada is 100 km from Antequera. How far is Granada? Christine is sixteen years old. How old is Christine? John’s schoolbag is red. Whose schoolbag is red?