Robin Hood


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Coloured worksheet to learn about robin hood including multiple choice questions, wordsearch, reading and writing

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Robin Hood

  1. 1. The story of Robin Hood is very famous. It has been made into many books, films and plays. What do you know about the story? Have you ever read a book or seen a movie about Robin Hood? Who was he? Where did he live? What did he do? 1. Below are some multiple choice questions. See how much you know about the story. 1. Robin Hood was an outlaw. An outlaw is a... a) lawyer c) soldier b) criminal d) prince 2. This story is set in... a) France c) Scotland b) England d) Wales 3. Robin Hood lived in... a) a castle c) a cave b) a village d) a forest 4. Robin Hood became an outlaw after he… a) killed one of the royal deer c) didn’t pay his taxes b) shot someone d) stole from the King 5. Robin Hood took money from the rich and… a) gave it to the king c) gave it to the poor b) bought presents for his friends d) hid it in the forest 2. Read this short summary about Robin Hood and test if you are right. Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest. He robbed rich people and gave the money to the poor. He was clever, strong and brave and had many adventures. He fought against the greedy Sheriff of Nottingham and bad Prince John and defended the beautiful Lady Marian who loved him. Robin Hood is an English folk-hero and the stories about him are all supposed to be true! 3. Use the words below to describe Robin Hood personality. Use connectors: but, however, and, also, not only…but, as well. villain brave clever loyal strong young charismatic witty
  2. 2. 4. Find these words in the wordsearch, then translate them into your language. Y O U N G J W D M O N K young O R E W W A S F K L B O _________ monk D G W A A R M Y D E G L _________ army A H W R U C L O T H E S _________ harp B A N D H K P C A W R P _________ clothes _________ W R A F H B M A S N A O _________ band D P F Y R M A M E B K O _________ camp poor N K A D G E S P M R C R _________ bridge L O Y A L P W V D I G S _________ weak H F R E P D E S J D H L _________ loyal F A T Y W U A I P G A S _________ fat _________ P J Y T S D K A D E Y P 5. Fill in the gaps using the words in the chart. asks – clever – fight – friend – gang – girlfriend – Lionheart – lives – love merry – poor – rich – stranger – tall – tricks – takes – village - wicked Robin Hood ______________ in the Sherwood Forest with his ______________ of men. Little John is very ______________ and strong, he is Robin’s ______________ Frier Tuck is ______________ and loves playing ______________ Maid Marion is Robin’s ______________, she is very beautiful. Everybody in the ______________ loves Robin because he ______________ money from the ______________ people and gives to the ______________ people. Robin and his men ______________ their enemy, the ______________ Sheriff of Nottingham. One day a ______________ arrives. Robin ______________:” Who are you?” The stranger replies: “I am King Richard the ______________”. All the ______________. men shout: ”We ______________ King Richard!” 6. Using the information in the chart, write a short composition about Robin Hood. Use Past simple. Date and place of birth 12th century - England be born Job Nobleman+ robber be Address Sherwood forest, near Nottingham live Personality Generous be Acts Rich people rob Poor people give Ability Excellent archer be Maid Marian love His friends the Merry Men like The Sheriff of Nottingham hate