Christmas interviews


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Christmas interviews

  1. 1. -Hello , I am Casandra and I am at Pedro Espinosa high school .We are going tomake anScirin is from Italy. She is our Language Assistant for the ComeniusProject.- Hello, Scirin how are you?- Hello, I am fine. Thank you, and you?- Fine, I am going to make you some questions. Are you ready?- Yes, I am- Did it snow last year at Christmas?- No, it didnt snow because I live near to the sea so it is difficult to see the snow.- Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?- Yes, of course. Although in Italy many children believe in “Gesú bambino” and notin Santa Claus.- Do you decorate the outside of your house at Christmas?- No I dont, but my mother does it.- Do you enjoy Christmas time?- Yes, I do- Do you sing Christmas songs?- Not now, but I used to sing carols when I was a child.- Do you have Christmas tree?- Yes, I have- It is real or artificial?- I have an artificial tree and in Italy we usually prepare a Nativity Scene near theChristmas tree.- How many presents do you usually give?- I give presents to my mother, father and friends.- What do you eat on Christmas day?- I usually eat pasta, meat and fish.- What is the best present you have ever got?- I think the best present was a computer.- Do you remember Christmas celebrations you had as a child?- Yes, I remember when I was a child I hang up the stocking and I waited for “laBefana”, a witch who flies around rooms and gives presents to children in Italy.- Thank you for coming, Scirin. Good bye- Not at all. Bye
  2. 2. Yana is from Russia. She is a student at 2nd Bachillerato at PedroEspinosa High School.- Hi Yana!- Hi!- Can we ask you some questions about your Christmas in your country?- Yes, of course.- Ok! Thank you! Do you enjoy singing Christmas songs?- Yes, I do- Could you sing a little of any typical songs from your country?- Mmm, yes... (She sings a typical song from Russia, her country.)- What would you like to get for your Christmas present?- I would like a new Iphone.- Do you celebrate Christmas in your country in a traditional way?- Yes, I do.- Do you have a big and delicious dinner on Christmas day?- Yes, of course- Who brings the present to children in your country?- Santa Claus.- What Kind of interesting things do you do for Christmas in your home country?Well... I celebrate it with my family- Whats the weather like at Christmas in your country?- In my country it snows and it really cold.- Thank you very much, thats all.- Not at all.
  3. 3. Sarah is from England. She is a 2nd Bachillerato student at Pedro Espinosa high school.- Hello, Sarah. We have got several questions for you. We are going to start...How are you Sarah?- Fine, but I had an exam this morning.- Oh, I see. When do people in England begin to preparate Christmas?- People usually preparate Christmas in December.- Do children send letters to Santa Claus?- Yes, they do.- What is the weather like at Christmas in your country?- The weather is very cold.- How are the houses decorated in Great Britain?- We decorate the houses with brighty elements.- What are the most famous dishes in these holidays?- The most famous dish is the Christmas pudding.- What special traditions have you got?- The most special traditions are painting and writing letters to Santa Claus.- What do you want for Christmas this year?- A mobile phone!- This is all for today. See you in the next program.
  4. 4. Santi is from France. She is a French teacher at Pedro Espinosa high school. She is also deputy Head of Studies.- Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were a child?Yes, I did.- Do you decorate the outside of your house for Christmas?No, I dont usually decorate the outside.- Do you enjoy singing Christmas songs?Yes, I do, but Im a bad singer.- Do you enjoy Christmas time?Yes, I enjoy Christmas time because Im with my family.- What do you eat on Christmas Day?I usually eat seefood, turkey with vegetables and a delicious dessert.- When do you open your Christmas presents?- At midnight, on 24th.- What was the best present you received last Christmas?I dont know. I dont remember.- Do you go skiing at Christmas time?- No, I dont like it because I had an accident.- If you had a million dollars, what would you do during Christmas time?- I would travel around the world and I would buy a lot of presents for poor children- How long is your Christmas holiday?- I have two weeks of Christmas holiday.
  5. 5. Florian is from Romania. He is a 2nd bachillerato student at PedroEspinosa high school.- Do you have any plans to go to a Christmas party?- No, because Im going to stay with my family and then maybe we will go to SierraNevada.- Do you celebrate Christmas in your country?- Yes, I do.- Do you usually decorate your home?- Yes, I always decorate it with the Christmas tree.- What do people usually do on Christmas day in your country?- They stay at home with their families, or they go to Christmas parties and thechildren go out to ski.- What kind of food do you usually eat in your country at Christmas day?- Typical food of Romania with pork or beef, pork sausages, turkey, with red wineto celebrate the birth of Jesus. And for dessert we eat a cake with nuts and raisins.- When does your family open the presents?- We open the presents in the evening of Christmas tree, when Santa Claus comes.- What is your favourite Christmas carol?- My favourite Christmas carol is a traditional song from my country.- What did you do last year on Christmas day?- I was flying because I went to Romania and I arrived on 25th just in time forChristmas lunch.- What is the weather like in your country around Christmas time?- Normally snowy and its cold around -20º -25º- How many presents do you usually give?Well, three or four. I give presents to my brother, my sister and my parents.
  6. 6. Anthony is from Australia. He is our Language Assistant.- Good afternoon, how are you?- Fine,thank you.- Let’s start with some questions.- Some questions..... OK- Do people in Australia behave differently from people in Spain at Christmas?- No, not really. They behave the same as people in Spain. Sometimes they..... Thesame, the same. Give presents, but different things.- Have you ever made your own Christmas cards?- Yes, yes. I’ve made a few Christmas cards myself- Do you donate something (money,clothes) to charities?- Yes, actually I do. I donate old clothes. I donate to church sometimes.- Do you have a big delicious dinner on Christmas day?- Yes. I have a big delicious dinner on Christmas day.- Does your town get decorated at Christmas?- Yes, it does. They have lights, window decorations...Yes, they decorate it.- What is your favourite Christmas song?- Ehh.. I don’t know... Jingle Bells?- Can you sing it?- NO! I can’t sing it!- What a pity!- Yes, that’s a pity. That’s a real pity.- What traditions do you have during the Christmas season?- In Australia is different to Spain, because it’s summer in Australia and winter inSpain. So, generally, we spend Christmas on the beach, making barbecues...- What was the best present you received last Christmas?- Last Christmas.... a guitar. The best present that I’ve ever had in all Christmas isprobably a car.- Will you have a Christmas party at your home?- This year, yes. I will have Christmas party at my home. Last year, at my parent’shome.- Thank you very much.- Thank you. See you soon.