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SCM Growth Marketing Framework


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Want to grow your business online? Here's our growth marketing framework.

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SCM Growth Marketing Framework

  1. 1. Growth Marketing Framework
  2. 2. “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion, and it applies to all functions of your business & customer journey (not just before the sale).”
  3. 3. Key Challenges of a Services Company 1. Shifting to more short-term, project-based work (it’s a buyer’s market) 2. Difficulty managing surge capacity - the ability to scale up and down on a project by-project basis is incredibly valuable — and complex. 3. Need quick access to highly specialised skills. “This demand presents a real dilemma for providers already working with slim margins: They can’t afford to keep specialists on the bench, yet they also can’t turn away good work that demands such specialization.” 4. Increased expectations for performance and transparency. Providers must continually prove and reinforce their value. 1. Transition into a “Service Level Economy” - The $3 trillion services market is on the cusp of disruption. Source: Thriving In The Service Level Economy, Mavenlink
  4. 4. Source: AMSRS
  5. 5. Key Challenges of a Services Company cont’d • Deciding on what activities to do, and in which order, to maximise ROI. How to know what to do, and when to get the biggest bang for your buck? • Lacking marketing expertise in-house to plan, execute and report on marketing campaigns • Misalignment between marketing and sales resulting in missed revenue targets/growth opportunities • Lack of systems and processes to produce consistent marketing, build brand awareness, capture and nurture leads, and provide a memorable experience for users throughout the multiple touch points of the customer journey. • Insufficient data to truly understand what’s working and what’s not, and an inability to make smarter business decisions in terms of allocation of resources and budget. 2. Making marketing work whilst maintaining profitability We help services based businesses to address these challenges through our 4-Pillar Growth Marketing framework & 5-Step Growth Marketing Blueprint.
  6. 6. Growth Marketing Framework WHAT you'll need to grow your business 1. ATTRACT Traffic 2. CONVERT Leads (digital funnel) 3. DELIVER Value 4. MEASURE & Improve Brand - positioning, style guide, audience Thought leadership - content publishing + promotion Leadgen/Outreach eg. Linkedin. + PPC Strategic Partnerships Website + Landing pages Lead magnets Marketing Dashboard Weekly/monthly reporting Email automation Sales process optimisation (referral commission) Customer journey (touchpoints) Community Engagement / Retention Trusted supplier network
  7. 7. 5-Step Growth Marketing Blueprint HOW we'll help you grow your business 2. PLAN 1. DISCOVER (AUDIT) 3. SETUP 4. DELIVER (EXPERIMENT) 5. Review & Improve Thought leadership - content publishing + promotion Marketing Dashboard Weekly/monthly reporting TRAFFIC - Leadgen/Outreach System & Processes [SOPs] Community Engagement / Retention Referral system Marketing & brand strategy Customer journey (touchpoints mapping) Strategic partnerships plan Trusted supplier network Tools FUNNEL - Website, landing pages, lead magnets Email automation
  8. 8. Example of the Framework in action 1. ATTRACT Traffic 2. CONVERT Leads (digital funnel) 3. DELIVER Value 4. MEASURE & Improve Methods: Setup marketing dashboard, Install client surveying system and referral system Metrics: NPS score > 65 PLUS increase # of referrals per month Methods: Through content and messaging at every customer touch point Metrics: NPS score > 65 Methods: Install high converting sales funnel (website) + improve sales process Metrics: increase leads conversion by X% Methods: Linkedin leadgen campaign + Content + Strategic partnerships Metrics: 2x number of qualified leads per month within 6 months
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