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Anfernee Chansamooth Speaker Kit


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Looking to to book a dynamic speaker, with expertise in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, for your next speaking engagement, expert interview or podcast show? Contact

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Anfernee Chansamooth Speaker Kit

  1. 1. Anfernee Chansamooth Speaker Kit
  2. 2. 3 Anfernee's Purpose & Mission The Experience Your Audience Will Get   Meet Anfernee Chansamooth  What Others Have Said About Anf 3 Talk Topics To Choose From As Featured In (media appearances) Connect with Anfernee 4 6 8 10 13 14   Anfernee Chansamooth   Speaker Kit
  3. 3. To empower creativity, freedom and connection so that together we can make a positive difference in the world. 3Virtual Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur, Podcast Host Our Purpose Our Mission Helping emerging leaders to clarify and build their authentic brand, income and influence online. Thank you for your interest and I look forward to making a DIFFERENCE with you.
  4. 4. Imagine having a seasoned international workshop facilitator and motivational speaker with over 10 years of practical entrepreneurship and digital marketing experience on your team... Anfernee will engage, educate and entertain your audience with his authentic storytelling style and practical insights. 4 The Experience Your Audience Will Get Looking to provide valuable learning and insights to your audience/community in an engaging way?
  5. 5. Just one thing to note… Anfernee is NOT your typical speaker and he doesn’t do boring talks or workshops where people sit back silently, take notes, leave the room and do nothing with what they’ve heard (or not heard). At your typical speaking events, “social barriers” can get in the way of effective knowledge sharing and individuals leave the room with an awkwardly silent and disjointed feeling... What if you had a speaker who could break down these awkward ‘no go’ zones, and get people (including strangers) to connect and collaborate? It’s possible! 5 Anfernee’s public speaking events have been described as FUN, ENGAGING, and AUTHENTIC. Having delivered talks to packed-out venues of both small to medium-sized business owners, his rich and unique content has gotten people staying back to get answers to their endless list of questions! So ready to meet Anfernee? Turn the page...
  6. 6. Anfernee Chansamooth is a virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Authentic Influence podcast host and Founder of Simple Creative Marketing. He helps emerging leaders to clarify and build their authentic brand, income and influence online. His purpose is to empower creativity, freedom and connection so that together we can make a positive difference in the world.  From leading marketing at a national coworking space in Australia with 1,000+ members across 3 cities, to digital nomad running his own outsourced marketing company. He’s trained 1,000+ business leaders across 14 countries, empowered over 500 students in Laos, Sydney and Toronto, has appeared on Network Ten, in Anthill Magazine and at TEDxTelstraSydney, and is a regular writer for Huffington Post. 6 Meet Anfernee Chansamooth
  7. 7. After a traumatic brain surgery experience in 2006, Anfernee packed up his wealth of experience in the corporate sector to pursue and create a life of meaningful contribution. Anf currently empowers emerging leaders through his outsourced virtual cmo and content marketing services, e-courses, podcast, blog and online community.  Some of his personal & professional highlights include: Travelled to over 34 countries  Lived in Australia, Canada and Laos Launched a program in Laos that empowered 200 students to speak up and take action to create positive change in their communities Free hugged and flash mobbed his way across the globe Married his dream lady Quit his day job to become a digital nomad 7
  8. 8. 8 What Others Have Said About Anf...
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  10. 10. TOPIC #1: “How to Build a Blog That Wins Clients” Is blogging for business still relevant in 2017? It sure is... but only if you're doing it right. In this 60-minute interactive learning session, participants will learn: The top 5 myths about blogging for business Why content alone won’t lead to a successful blog (and what will) 5 tools that every content marketer needs in their toolkit 3 proven ways to get your content in front of more people 5 content pieces that EVERY business should create 10
  11. 11. TOPIC #2: “How to Build Successful Strategic Partnerships” Whilst many of us know that strategic partnerships can be a powerful way to accelerate business growth, not so many of us actively build or nurture strong strategic relationships. Let's change that! Why strategic partnerships can catapult business growth 3 biggest reasons why strategic partnerships fail  5 steps for creating profitable partnerships 3-point framework for identifying who the right partners are for your business or project 11 In this 60-minute interactive learning session participants will learn:
  12. 12. TOPIC #3: “7 Steps To Freedom: How To Escape Your Day Job Without Going Broke" For 10 years Anfernee tried to escape his day job, and failed multiple times. In 2017 he was finally able to quit his day job, and become a digital nomad. Now you can learn how to do it too. How and why Anfernee was able to quit his day- job and become a digital nomad in just 12 months "If only I knew..." lessons from the transition journey and what went wrong with previous attempts. 7 Steps for creating your own pathway to freedom. 12 In this 60-minute interactive learning session participants will learn:
  13. 13. Channel 10 Australia: Studio 10 appearance TEDxTelstraSydney: Presenter Huffington Post: 3 Signs That Your Creative Business Needs Better Marketing (interviewed as an expert) Hub Australia Blog: The Top 5 Myths Around Blogging For Business (guest blog post) Do you Even Blog podcast 006: A repeatable framework for crafting killer content, and why ebooks suck Openworld Magazine Podcast: #99 Worldliness and International Entrepreneurship  It Will Come Show: Why We Seek Connection Through Tribes & Overcoming Burnout Huffington Post: Contributor Contributor Better Business Book (Amazon #1 best-seller): Co-Author Inspiration Bible: Co-Author 13 As Featured In...
  14. 14. Ready to book Anfernee for your next speaking engagement, expert interview or podcast show?  Email:  14 Connect With Anf @anferneec Anfernee Chansamooth@anferneec