Anette Asher:Trend in Medical Informatics


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Title: Processing Human Data - From the Art of Medicine to the Science of Health

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Anette Asher:Trend in Medical Informatics

  1. 1. Processing Human Data – from theArt of Medicine to the Science of Health Anette Asher October 2011
  2. 2. Art of Medicine to the Science of Health The Art of Medicine and Today’s Vision The Tipping Point … and it’s getting personal The Issues: Trusted Information and More Useful Information Moves us to the Sciences of Health The Pace of Health Information to Sciences of Health The Future That Will Get Us To Meaningful Use– Computational Individual Predictive Modeling The Optimal Outcome is Meaningful Use Anette Asher September 11
  3. 3. The Century OldMedical Development CycleThe complexity of modernmedicine exceeds theinherent limitations of theunaided human mind.David M. Eddy (1990) Anette Asher September 11
  4. 4. The Global Health Care VisionVision without execution is a daydream —Execution without Vision is anightmare…Japanese proverbAnette Asher September 11
  5. 5. Medicine as an Art! Medicine is limited by a shortage of artists and widespread profiteering! High quality medicine is limited by masters of the art! A person’s medical & Rx history is usually, inaccurate and incomplete! Accuracy of Dx is frequently false ±! The majority of health is managed at the organ level! Treatments are based upon the artist’s experiences & resources! Medical diagnostic & therapeutic resources are poorly distributed! The minority of the world’s people are provided the majority of proper health care Anette Asher September 11
  6. 6. Health as a Science ! Knowledge of Medicine is widely available via telemedicine ATM global health network ! High quality and accurate medical care via ATM global health network ! A person’s medical & Rx history is accurate and complete @ PoC ! Dx is accurate via protein disease biomarker signatures ! Health, Dx & Rx are managed at the personal cellular & molecular level ! Treatments are based upon the ATM global health network resources @ PoC ! Medical diagnostic & therapeutic resourcesTrusted ICT Convergence into Healthcare are widely distributed ! The world’s majority are provided proper health care Anette Asher September 11
  7. 7. Moving Human Data to Wisdom Data Information Knowledge Wisdom From Data to Information to Knowledge to theAnette Asher Wisdom of Life September 11
  8. 8. From the Art of Medicine to the Science of Health… 2010 the Tipping PointArt of Science ofMedicine Health 2000 2020at the at theorgan level molecular level 2010 Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Anette Asher September 11
  9. 9. The Building Blocks of Life ?.&%.1#8-.*#J&.&7## #.0#K60%3&507#.0## !"#$%&()#*+#$,$-./*0$1$2.1#3$ # ## !"#$%&(#)*&++,$,#-#.*,#/01.2$,03-)#,%&#-1#&#)03/+,.,# )03/4.,%#%,/%,1,.&50#06#.*,#),++#&(#.*,#0%$&-137#8*-)*# 8-++#,&9+,#!"#$%&(")*+$,-./!(")#06#*-$*,%2+,:,+# )03/+,;-.<#06#),++4+&%#/%0),11,1#&(#0%$&-13#9,*&:-0%1# 6%03#$,03-)#-60%3&50=>## Building Blocks of Life Wiring Diagrams of Life Genetic Chemical Genetic Chemical Materials Materials Networks Networks ?04%),@#ABCC7#A<0.0#B)<)+0/,(-&#06#C,,1#&(#C,03,1# *D/@EE888=$,03,=F/EG,$$E##HIIH#Anette Asher September 11
  10. 10. Knowledge of Disease from the Organ to the Cell! The Life Sciences Research Community ! Doubles its Data Every 3 Months ! Growing Data from Terabytes to Petabytes ! Developing Knowledge of Disease at the Cellular Level ! Advancing Knowledge of Disease to the Molecular Level ! Accelerating the Convergence with Visualization Anette Asher Disease from the Organ to the Cell September 11
  11. 11. Trusted Healthcare ICT P&5,.1Q#N,(-)&+#O,)0%(1# N,(-)&+#K14%&),#O,)0%(1# L,&+.*)&%,#M0334-)&501# Anette Asher September 11 Healthinformatics and Trusting Health IT
  12. 12. The ICT Governance of HumanData September 11
  13. 13. A Reference Body LSIT References IT Standards & Best Practices September 11
  14. 14. GIP GuidanceInstitutional EcosystemGIP EncompassesRegulated Institutional Governance GIP Guidance @ the Core September 11
  15. 15. Trusting Healthcare ICT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Good Informatics Practice ! ! ! (G IP) C hapter 1 - ! ! E xecutive Summary ! A framewor k for trusted information systems ! Ford Winslow, A nette Asher, Steven Fouskarinis, Gabor F ulop, Damian Gomez, Oscar G hopeh, A ndrew Jacobson, John K im, L inda Speake, M ar k V ilicich, Howard Asher F ebruary 2011 © H ealthcare I nformation and M anagement Systems !"#$%%& September 11
  16. 16. Global Health First…Healthcare can achieve Global EqualityUnhealthy people do not remain isolated! Anette Asher September 11
  17. 17. Personalized Medicine D-Rx•  Each Person is Different•  Each Person with the Same Disease is Different•  Each Person Responds to the Same Prescription (Rx) Medication Differently THE REIMBURSEMENT LANDSCAPE FOR•  One Rx Does Not Fit ALL Novel Diagnostics ! C U R R E N T L I M I TAT I O N S•  By matching your Genotype/Phenotype & Biomarker ! R E A L - W O R L D I M PA C T ! PROPOSED SOLUTIONS with the Rx Most Compatible with Exact Disease & Genomic Type—Treat the illness, with little or no side effects.•  Your Personal Genome will become a part of Your Medical Record and Pharmacokinetics @ PoC Anette Asher September 11
  18. 18. The Nomic-Sciences of Medicines PersonalizedAnette Asher Disease from the Organ to YOUR Cell September 11
  19. 19. Let’s get Personal Health Records ATM Health Link-for-Life™ Global PHR Anette Asher September 11
  20. 20. Institutional CentricElectronic Medical Record Institutional Centric EMRs ! Manage the institutional resources for different patient medical needs. ! Each institution must have EMRs aligned to their specific clinical work flows & resources to be useful. ! Each patient’s needs are different and the EMR needs to align to different clinical, medical specialty, surgical, laboratory, Rx, radiologic, and billing needs for each specific patient. ! EMRs must be institutional centric to be successful. Anette Asher September 11
  21. 21. Individual CentricPersonal Health RecordsIndividual Centric Private PHRs! Manage the private and personal medical history and health records belonging to each individual for their specific medical needs.! Each individual must have their PHRs aligned to their specific medical needs to be useful.! Each patient’s needs are different and the PHR needs to align to different clinical, medical specialty, surgical, laboratory, Rx, radiologic, and billing needs for each specific individual.! PHRs must be 24/7 available to the individual accurate, complete, health records, anywhere, anytime they need Automatically Align to the Credential of Caregiver @ PoC. health care. At point-of-care PoC.! PHRs must be individual centric to be successful. Anette Asher September 11
  22. 22. Institutional Electronic Medical RecordIndividual Private & Personal Health Records Mirrored @ PoC True EMR Anette Asher September 11
  23. 23. ATM White PaperLink-for-Life™— a Global Public Health Solutionsfor we the people. ) ) ) ) ) ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! "#$!%&!%!()&%*+&!! ,*!%!()&%*+!-.%/!! 0!"#$1&!2,/34!5&6!2,/37! ! ! 8,*39:#&98,: ;%!<.#=%.!-$=.,/!>%.)?!(#.$),#*2! ™ :#&!!"#$%"#&"&("@!! ! !"#$%&$()**) ) *) September 11
  24. 24. Trusted Health Clouds ! !""#$%&"()*+,-.$/(*-+,-0.1$ 2!%/3$!4,#*&-0$54.,&0..$ 6"#07$$ 890&$:"4(-0$;<,+0$/*90($ =">*(#$?@$A.<0($"$ ! ! #$%!&()*%((!+,)-%,(!./!0*!.1%*!(.,2%!3,(3%+!4*/.,503).*!#%2$*.6.78! 9.-%,*0*2%!:)3$)*!0!2.55.*!,%/%,%*2%!/,05%:.,;!/.,!3$%!76.&06! <%063$!=0,%>!?)/%!@2)%*2%(!0*+!A&6)2!<%063$!=.55*)3)%(B! ! ! ! "!:::BC76(B2.5D2%.B1$1!! ! September 11
  25. 25. The Role of Healthinformaticsin Health Sciences & Patient Outcomes Healthonomics drives Health Care Informatics Improved Patient Care & Clinical Outcomes Patient’s Health Services Approvals & Reimbursements Genetic, Dx, Medical & Rx Healthinformatics Records Clinical, Urgent, Emergency, Surgical, Critical, Recovery, Clinical Labs Optimal Clinical Management Rehabilitation, Follow-up, Referral Services, Outpatient Care Personalized Personalized Disease & Optimal Clinical Medicines Dx – Rx Disorder Medical Devices, Biomarkers PD – Regression Supplies & Services Clinical Imaging PK & PV Progression Protocol Telediagnostic • Telemedicine • Telesurgical • Teleimaging • Remote Care PD: Pharmacodynamics (what the drug does to the body) PK: Pharmacokinetics (what the body does to the drug) Healthonomics PV: Pharmacovigilance (is the pharmacological science relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects) Anette Asher September 11
  26. 26. The Sciences of HealthX-informatics Modeling ! Computational Predictive Modeling of Disease Prevention, Intervention & Elimination ! Genetic Remodeling to Optimize Health ! Managing Epidemic & Preventing Pandemic ! Cloud ATM Computing Medical & Health Records ! Translational Evidence-based Health Sciences ! Modeling the Gene/Phenotype of Disease ! Modeling Rx Intervention of Disease From Data to Information to Knowledge to the Wisdom of Life Anette Asher September 11
  27. 27. The Global Business of LifeArt of Medicine to the Science of Health Anette Asher