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Online Community Development Checklist by Aneta Hall


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Handy checklist of tasks online community strategists need to consider before starting a new online community

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Online Community Development Checklist by Aneta Hall

  1. 1. Online Community Development ChecklistBy Aneta Hall (@anetah)PRE-LAUNCH  Agreed upon goal for the community  Sizable pool of prospective members (remember 90-9-1 rule)  User research (e.g. surveys, etc.)  Clearly identified owner who oversees budget & sets direction  Documented community engagement strategy  Identification of measurable KPIs  Forum & sub-forum structure identified  Community manager who conducts planning and day-to-day decision-making  Content moderators who set tone, reinforce rules and help users  Community platform chosen & configuration options identified  Likes, kudos, “best answers” settings enabled to encourage engagement  Image sharing capabilities enabled  Editorial calendar with at least 30 days of content posts identified  “Rules of Engagement” copy developed  Worflows for customer service issues in place (when customer-facing)  Marketing/communication plan to drive new members  Email blast  eNewsetter mentions  website links  Printed flyers  Others (be specific)AFTER LAUNCH  Super user identification and recognition program  KPI reporting in place  Steady stream of valuable content to post  Maintenance of editorial calendar in place  Posting frequency adjustments made as neededtwitter: @anetah | blog: | G+: