Blog post creation check list by aneta hall


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What you need to do before, during and after you create a blog post

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Blog post creation check list by aneta hall

  1. 1. Blog Post Check ListBy Aneta Hall – Social Media | @anetah | each blogger should consider before, during and after writing a blog post.BEFORE - CHOOSING TOPIC  What is my goal behind this post? (introducing a product/feature, promoting an event, connecting with other bloggers, providing ways to solve customer issue, commenting on current industry news)  Will my audience care about this subject? (consider topics/content that answers customers pain points, is newsworthy, edgy, provides alternative point of view)  What should be somebodys major take-away after reading this post? (Your visitors should walk away with something: an idea, concept, tip. What is it?)  Have I researched the subject enough to see what other bloggers say about it? (If others have blogged about this particular subject you should know about it. Try to contribute to the conversation rather than duplicating whats already been provided.)DURING - COMPOSING YOUR POST  Is my post too long/too short? (every audience is different, but if you have to scroll through several screens to read your blog then it is too long. Start cutting)  Is my text easily scannable? (include lists, bullets and short paragraphs with headers)  Is my language informal and conversational? (blogs are not white papers. Avoid long sentences and think about talking to somebody when writing)  Have I included links to other blogs or relevant websites? (dont be afraid to send your readers to other blogs, thats how you get others to send audience your way  Have I included any visual/interactive elements? (images, videos, polls, etc.)  Have I invited readers to engage with me? (consider finishing your post with a direct question to encourage users to comment)  Is my blog title engaging enough and keyword rich? (title often determines whether users click to read your post. Make it count)  Have I assigned proper tags for better Search Engine Optimization?  Have I spellchecked my post? Clicked on all links making sure they work?AFTER - PROMOTING YOUR POST  Have I tweeted/facebooked/yammed about my new post?  Have I reached out to friendly social media influencers to help increase WOM? (dont flood the same person with multiple requests, but do ask for help from time to time)  Have I commented on other blogs that talk about the same topic?