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Student centred teaching


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Student centred teaching

  1. 1. Vecpiebalga Secondary School Latvia
  2. 2. “Placing learners at the heart of the learning process and meeting their needs... students are able to learn what is relevant for them in ways that are appropriate.” ( Edwards).
  3. 3. Answer is in 3 questions:  What? (interests, content)  How? (abilities, style) Why?
  4. 4. Input Interaction, opportuni- ties to learn as a passenger as a driver stud ent teach er mate rial stud ent teach er mate rial
  5. 5.  Learn something new(step out of the territory of the subject),  Do it with fun, humour, in a colourful way,  Think about empathy( try to step in other shoes),  Relevance is important,  Ego( we are self-centred “We are interested in something so far as we can find something of ourselves in it”/P. Freire/)
  6. 6.  projects,  discussions,  debates,  quizzes,  presentations,  role plays,  making posters ,  creating mind maps,  writing newspaper articles,  trips, excursions
  7. 7. Kinds of student-centred assessment(used in our school):  portfolios,  self assessment