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Inovação em Revistas

  2. Boa manhã O meu nome é John Wilpers. Sou um consultor sênior com a Companhia de Consulta de Meios de Comunicação de Inovação fora de Londres e a Barcelona. Sou do Boston onde muitas pessoas dizem o português (contudo, não sou um deles, mas estou indo tentar muito muito fazer assim para um par de escorregadores!). Por favor desculpe a minha pronúncia.
  3. Algum contexto Os Meios de Comunicação de Inovações o grupo Consultante ajuda companhias de meios de comunicação ao redor do mundo a implementar inovações permanecem competitivos e têm sucesso no novo mundo de público leitor crescente, alcance, e receita através de múltiplas plataformas e múltiplos meios de comunicação, assim solidificando e estendendo a sua marca. Como a parte dos nossos serviços, investigamos e escrevemos este relatório sobre inovações globais em revistas de FIPP, a associação mundial de revistas.
  4. INNOVATION OS TEMPOS DIFÍCEIS EVOCAM O PÂNICO... Enquanto muitos publicadores enfrentam tempos difíceis cortando e economizando, muitos outros estão contariando tempos difíceis com trabalho difícil e inovação E BRILHO
  5. INNOVATION ESTA APRESENTAÇÃO DESTACARÁ O BRILHO E confiantemente inspire o brilho semelhante entre você como você diagrama o seu futuro hoje e avançar
  6. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 2 Branded content will be the salvation of our business Content built around passion groups connects with readers
  7. QuickTime™ and a H.264 decompressor are needed to see this picture. The iPad is a game-changer, a second life for magazines for both content and advertising Next Issue Media is the prototype of ad/content networks of the future. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 3
  8. 2D tags expand your content reach to new platforms AND previously unreachable moments in consumers lives 2D tags enable rich media advertising and editorial content at the moment the consumer needs either or both INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 4
  9. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  10. Television production by magazines, done simply and multiple times a day, can deliver an audience Video content works best when zeroes in on reader passions not just standard TV news fare INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 5
  11. Augmented reality can be a gimmick, or it can be a powerful new strategy for delivering a rich information experience Augmented reality may have more potential for advertisers where interactivity, lively video presentation, and click-to-buy functionality would be revolutionary. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 6
  12. In a digital age, Flow is proving that rich, real-paper, tactile experiences like high-quality cards, notebooks, journals, and, yes, high-quality magazines can sell. Sometimes, going against the tide is the path to success. With most paper products shrinking and minimizing, there's a nostalgia for rich, old- fashioned print. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 7
  13. While not quite the live action pages seen in the "Harry Potter" movies, video in print finally came to life in Entertainment Weekly in a very small, very basic way — a harbinger of the future. Innovation is being driven as much by advertisers as by editors. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 8
  14. Respecting readers' time constraints while feeding their passions can lead to creative offerings like a daily three-minute video mystery show. Piggybacking on trends like reality TV and giving it a brand twist with reader involvement can draw big, diverse audiences. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 9
  15. There is a brand- extending, digital game inside every exciting magazine story, according to National Geographic Gaming CEO Chris Mate. While the cost of creating games is steep (est. $150,000), the time to recover those costs is only about 16 months. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 10
  16. Finding a niche (e.g., love horoscopes) and using it as a hook to the larger book can cement a reader relationship Exploit that reader passion across as many platforms as possible so the reader is never, ever without your content. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 11
  17. The iPad is exciting, but mobile phones are ubiquitous and increasingly "smart," making them THE platform with the greatest short-term potential. Smart phone sales in Brazil increased 128% in the first half of 2010 Between charging for the iPhone app and selling advertising on free iPhone apps, publications are seeing as much as ten-fold return on investment. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 12
  18. Whether you start with a TV show or a magazine, success comes from expanding your brand across multiple platforms and products. The Food Network Magazine's keys to success: television tie-in, celebrity chefs, behind-the- scenes info, and tons of easy recipes. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 13
  19. Against conventional wisdom, bricks and mortar niche magazine shops are working., the world's largest virtual newsstand, digitizes thousands of magazines for purchase by computer, e-reader, and mobile device, and last week announced a cross-title advertising program. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 14
  20. The Economist sends free text messages describing an issue's content the night before publication guaranteeing crack- of-dawn delivery on your doorstep…for less than the newsstand price. Observing non-subscriber behavior via this purchase-on-demand helps The Economist better understand what motivates their purchases. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 15
  21. Seeking to save money, save the environment, and curry favor with eco- conscious consumers, magazines are experimenting with paper made from stone, wraps that dissolve in hot water, and carbon footprint calculators. In an age of increasing environmental awareness and accountability, no right-minded company can afford to ignore green issues. In the medium and long- term, this invariably makes good business sense. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 16
  22. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 16 In Oct., ’09, Creative Review sold its newsstand issues in a bag that dissolves in hot water. Simply place the wrap in 60-degree (F) water and watch it dissolve. No waste. No landfill. Even the resulting water is drinkable.... I didn’t try it
  23. Fusion Journalism: the application of multiple journalistic tools — interviews, extensive reporting, analysis, photo essays, etc. — to cover a single subject from various angles. For example, one issue of Unica was entitled "Black." Originally intended to recognize the achievements of Barack Obama, the magazine was able to explore other elements including blackness in fashion, science (black holes), literature, society (equality and inequality), sports (the role of black athletes), and humor (including so-called "black humor"). INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 17
  24. While Fast Company was one of the first magazines to adopt social networking (1997), they have discovered that it is their unique, original content that makes the difference. The focus of the Fast Company home page has changed from social media to its "core competencies" — the bread and butter reporting the brand was built on. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 18
  25. The new digital narratives require a complete re-invention of working spaces so a single editorial team can be in touch with its potential audience all the time, across all platforms, and in all forms of media. Magazines must study, chart, and analyze the information consumption cycle of their audience and build departments that produce multi-media content that is relevant throughout the day on paper, online, on air, and on mobile. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 19
  27. • Young is better than old. • Pretty is better than ugly. • Rich is better than poor. • Movies are better than television. • Movies and television are better than music. • Movies, TV and music are all better than sports. • Anything is better than politics. • Nothing is better than a dead celebrity. Here are some new cover guidelines for the 21st century INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 20
  31. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 20 And then there are out-of-the-box covers: The blinking red eyes of The Terminator on Total Film's Dec. '08 cover, the recent augmented reality covers of Wallpaper and Esquire, and the 3D cover of Classic Rock.
  32. Scholastic Parent and Child bucked the unwritten rule and ran an ad on its April '09 cover….and has done so almost every month since for roughly$100,000/month. Others have experimented with adverts "in" rather than "on" the cover: pull-back flaps, "trap doors," fake covers, tabs saying "Pull This," and wrap-around ads. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 21
  33. Platforms providing access to multimedia content are multiplying at a dizzying rate from cell phones and computers to e-readers, tablets and televisions. An example: Zinio's Vivmag contains all the basic magazine elements: text, photos, and ads, plus slideshows, video clips, Flash, interactive advertising, etc. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 22
  34. Monocle and XXI have proven that there is a market for high-quality, long-form journalism sold at a premium price to unique, high-end market. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 23
  35. Women crave stories about celebrities for prurient pleasure AND "relate-ability." They put themselves in celebs' shoes and look for advice on coping with life crises. Bonnie's laws: 1) "Relate-ability" 2) Online different from print 3) Immediacy 4) Clear distinct voice & POV 5) Visually exciting 6) Evolve 7) Original content INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 24
  36. Brazil's Capricho: To capture teen audience, be where they are — all platforms, multiple products, multiple niches. Capricho uses television programs, branded teen products, teen ambassadors, social networks, teen submitted photos and content, live events, and a TV program. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 25
  37. It is too late to close the barn door of free content, but it is not too late to adopt the "free-mium" model of some free, some paid premium content Some publishers are charging for content indirectly by putting a price on their smart-phone apps, recouping in one case ten times their investment. And there is the consortium of five major publishers launching a service to both charge for content and accept paid advertising. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 26
  38. The Good Food brand started as a magazine in 1989 and now has millions of people reading, watching, and buying Good Food products or attending Good Food events in increasing numbers. Traffic to the Good Food website has increased by 75 percent every year since its launch in 2006, and its readership is five times that of the magazine. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 27
  39. Editorial "curators" find the best bloggers writing exquisitely about topics of interest to the magazine's readers and recruit those bloggers to appear on the magazine's website. No money is exchanged; it is a pure content-for- exposure play. The magazines win by getting top-notch content; the bloggers win by getting a large audience vastly beyond anything they could generate on their own. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 28
  40. Forbes offers customizable tools for investors, business owners, casual browsers INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 29 • "Attache": a personal briefing (news, sports, business, etc.) • "OrgChartWiki": gives readers an inside look at companies • "Entrepreneurial Toolkit": helping business owners evaluate their operation compared others, • "Portfolio Tracker": in- depth, real-time market/stock data
  41. Social media strategies enable magazines to reach out to readers, pushing content they might not otherwise see and pulling in reader feedback and content. The key is to use social media platforms the way they are supposed to be used, not just for linking INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 30
  42. Frisbees, T-shirts, scented pages, tin cans full of surprises, and misplaced belongings are a few of the vehicles being used to create magazines that truly stand apart in a sea of offerings. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 31
  43. Readers of the future will call up information without a computer from virtually any source onto virtually any surface, even their hands. Products like SixthSense can replace e-readers, tablets and computers, allowing digital versions of magazines to be projected onto any available surface. INNOVATIONSINMAGAZINESWORLDREPORT2010 WWW.INNOVATION-MEDIACONSULTING.COM 32
  44. QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.

Editor's Notes

  1. FIPP asked us to find the most innovative ideas in magazines and we eventually settled on 32 case studies. They are all contained in our book, which due to its size and weight, I chose NOT to bring but if, after this presentation, you are interested can be purchased online at:
  2. Of the 249 titles MPA tracks, 227 saw advertising shrink in 2009 over 2008. A 91% fail rate. Of the 22 that increased revenue, five were Meredith Publications.
  3. While the iPad is sexy and fun and could, according to a McKinsey report last week, sell 8-10 million units by the end of the year, it pales next to the sales of smart phones.
  4. Hola understands their audience and delivers highly targeted content on its television shows -- fashion and royalty and celebrities. They DON’T do weather, news, sport, etc.
  5. AR got a lot of flack for being a flash in the pan, but magazines dismiss innovations like this at their peril. For certain audiences and for certain advertisers, this “gimmick” could be a solution.
  6. They create greeting cards, calendars, journals, mini-books, all paper-rich experiences
  7. And just last Friday, the Italian magazine Panorama, in conjunction with Citroen, debuted a similar feature in their most recent issue, gaining a lot of press and significant advertising revenue from Citroen.
  8. When the writer assigned to the Libelle story told a friend from the Netherlands that she was featuring Libelle, the friend laughed and said something to the effect that that old dinosaur of a magazine was for grandmothers. Not anymore.
  9. Some forecasters predict smart phones will be the majority of units by the end of 2011, others a bit later, but it’s inevitable and those billions of units will dwarf the potential audience of tablets. The Guardian sold 70,000 of its app at $4/pop ($3.2 m) and readers downloaded 300,000 of the Telegraph’s free app
  10. In the middle of the recession and on the heel of the closing of Gourmet magazine, The FNM started with 300,000 circulation in the fall and hit the one million mark in December.
  11. MagNation uses social media to advance sales, including asking customers where the next store should be and offering freebies if they show up in their undies! Zinio is the world’s largest virtual newsstand offering thousands of magazines for access by computer, e-reader and mobile. And MaggWire is creating an i-Tunes for magazines so readers can channel surf, choosing articles by area of interest
  12. 76% of Americans netizens use social networks; in China it’s an astounding 92%