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The Chief Data Officer as a Poor Man's Hacker

  1. The CDO as a Poor Man’s Hacker @abhinemani
  2. MyAmmunition
  3. Most common question asked: “Whatisdata?” @abhinemani
  4. things are different on the other side @abhinemani
  5. ATSAC
  6. MyAmmunition
  7. “data”formostpeople
  8. “The world is unbelievably complicated. Pick a small problem. It’ll turn out to be a big problem in disguise.” - @joshuatauberer @abhinemani
  9. Original
  11. 50%->5%bouncerate STICKING AROUND.Measuring the change in the bounce rate on before and after the redesign of the homepage.
  12. mayors are managers. @abhinemani
  13. Original Mayor’s Dashboard
  14. Mayor’s Dashboard
  15. 1_ find allies @abhinemani
  16. COMPstat
  17. performance stat
  18. performance stat + dashboard
  19. 2_ simple is beautiful @abhinemani
  20. Powered by Google Docs
  22. github is your loving friend @abhinemani
  23. 3_ be the powerbroker @abhinemani
  24. Issue Area Dashboards
  25. You can do big things will little code. @abhinemani
  28. 'Good governance and good policy are now inextricably linked to digital” - @steiny @abhinemani
  30. we are masons of our modern monuments @abhinemani
  31. “you see, greatness for a state doesn’trequiresomehuge monumentforalltosee. it’s not a journey to a particular destination - but a commitment to follow a course of constantandneverendingimprovement” - sonny perdue @abhinemani
  32. code the next chapter of american history @abhinemani