Dialogue: Leader and Subordinates


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This game was developed for an Insurance Company to contribute to the development of a Management Team after a merger.

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Dialogue: Leader and Subordinates

  1. 1. Dialogues: Leader and Subordinates The leader’s moment of truth is revealed in moments of dialogue. Dialogue is knowing how to listen and how to speak, the capacity to interact. True dialogue occurs in the feedback process, face to face . Dialogues: Leader and Subordinates is a game developed to enable leaders to interact with their collaborators, aiming at the best company’s interests. Go ahead and see more details of the product and the methodology.www.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  2. 2. Demand1 Major difficulties in the business world: leader’s qualification Styles Scenario Objective Challenge Can vary over an Dialogue is established Leader and subordinates To make the leader/subordinate extensive range between leaders want to attain results dialogue efficient. Leader of behaviors. and subordinates, each for the company should understand with their characteristics. through joint work. the modus operandi best suited to the profile of the subordinate.www.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  3. 3. Obje ctive2 How to provide a good feedback considering three key indicators: motivation, learning, confidence. Which was the leadership style more practiced during the feedback session? Focus Truth time Dialogue Truth dialogue Moments of dialogue To know how to listen and Feedback process, how to speak - capacity face to face to interactwww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  4. 4. Solution3 Practical and stimulating approach: This product selected three basic styles that can represent the majority of leadership profiles. Coach Visionary Paternalistwww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  5. 5. Solution3 Was also chosen the DISC theory: study based on workplace behaviors, and William Marston´s original work, which identifies 4 behavioral characteristics: Dominance Influence Steadiness Conscientiousness Each one of the subordinates represents one of the DISC behavioral characteristics History of DISC Personality Profile Assessment - Retrieved August 8, 2007www.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  6. 6. hodo logy4 Met Learning Cycle Bases Action learning as a philosophy: 4 1 learn by doing (in virtual world) Information Practice and Concepts Reality model: simulators for relevance and to provide focus Solitary game: Coaching Reflection to know the probable 3 2 impacts in the collaboratorswww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  7. 7. hodo logy4 Met Moments of reality 1 Self-reference 5 g aps Self -re 1 nd a f er ts 2 enc l Resu e Subordinate’s scenario and Act profile is o n and s ti ion ta en /r efl ori no ect 4 Dia g n io 3www.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  8. 8. hodo logy4 Met Scene and profile of 2 3 Action/Reflection the subordinatewww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  9. 9. hodo logy4 Met 4 Diagnosis and Orientation 5 Results and Gapswww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  10. 10. hodo logy4 Met Diversity and repetition through four Discovering reality different scenes and profiles ap s Self b er Tea m n dg -re em M M a fer em lts Team Scenario Scenario en c Resu ber and and e Style of profile 1 profile 2 leadership Scenario Scenario revealed er Team A b and and c tio i s t io n em and profile 4 profile 3 M M n/ s a em t efl r en m ber ori gno ect io Tea Dia nwww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  11. 11. hodo logy4 Met Discovering realitywww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  12. 12. n Be nefits5 Mai Diagnose the results of his leadership style. Improve the efficiency of his dialogue with subordinates. Correct, in practice, the main mistakes practiced in a feedback session. Results Lessons Ideas Discovering the real A good theoretical base Developing leaders in leadership style for a good game other processes Bringing the real closer It is possible to teach Evaluating leaders to the ideal behavior through a game through gameswww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru
  13. 13. Abou t Us E-Guru E-Guru specialize in webbased approaches to business education and business and management skills development. We have invested over seven years into developing custom built games and game-based learning technology platforms to ensure that we can create compelling, engaging and effective learning experiences rapidly and cost effectively. For more information, please visit our website: www.e-guru.com.brwww.e-guru.com.br Copyright © 2008 E-Guru