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  1. 1. The cheetah is medium size. It is orange and black. It has got a long tail and very strong legs. The cheetah lives in South Africa and gasslands. It eats meet and small animals, or medium. It can run very very quickly. In the photo the cheetah is atacking a antilope
  2. 2.   This animal is a shark. The shark is greey and blue . This animal is very big and it lives in the sea and it is very dangerous.It is my favourite animal. It can swim but it can’t fly. In this picture the shark is swimming in the sea.
  3. 3. The platypus are small.They are brown and they have got two eyes and four legs.  They live in Australia and they eat insects.  They can swim well,but they can’t fly .  This platypus is looking for food in the water   
  4. 4.     Pottokas have got a medium size, they’ve got a brown colour body and they’ve got a fat body. Pottokas live in the Basque Country mountains,they eat grass and they can run fast on mountains. In the photo it is eating grass in the mountain.
  5. 5.    -This animal is an Emu . The Emu is a very tall bird . It is long and it’s brown , its body is big . It’s about 1,5 metres tall . -It lives in Australia , it eats grass . The Emu can run quickly , up to 60 km per hour but the Emu can’t fly. - In this photo the Emu is running very fast and in the other photo we see two youngs.
  6. 6. This is a Panda. This animal is big, black and white, it is very heavy. It lives in Asia. It eats bambu. It can climb in a tree. It can’t fly. In this picture the panda is eating.
  7. 7. Koalas have got a medium size , they’re grey and they’ ve got a fat body. Koalas live in Australia, they eat grass and they can run fast in the jungle. In the photo they are eating leaves in the jungle.
  8. 8. This animal is an orang-utan.This is a very intelligent animal.  They are big and they like bananas.The orang-utans are dark and brown.  They live in trees. They can jump but they can’t swim. In this picture the orang-utan is walking, jumping and looking at the camera. 
  9. 9.    This animal is an eagle. It’s black, it has got brown eyes. It’s big. It lives in the mountain. It eats fish. It can fly but It can’t swim. In this photos , it is flying.
  10. 10.     This is a deer. A deer has got a normal size. It’s brown. It has got 4 long legs. It lives in Europe. It eats grass in the mountain. It can run very fast. It can’t swim. In the picture the deer is eating grass.
  11. 11. This animal is a whale . It is black and white. It has got a big and fat body. It lives in the sea . It eats fish . It can swim but it can’t walk. In this photo, it is swimming. 
  12. 12.   This animal is a panda. It’s black and white. It has got brown eyes and big legs. It’s small. It lives in Asia. It eats bamboo. It can’t swim but it can run.
  13. 13.    This animal is big. It is white . This animal is 350 -700 kilograms. This animal lives is Antartika, Denmark (Greenland), Norway (Svalbard), Russia, the United States (Alaska) and Canada. It eats fish and seals. It can swim but it can’t fly. In the photo the polar bear is walking on the ice.
  14. 14.    A marmot is a rodent. It has got four fingers. A marmot is 50-60 cm tall, and it is 3,4-5 or 7 kgs. This animal is brown and the tail is black. This animal lives in the Alpes mountain (westerner part), and in Tetra mountains. The marmot eats fish. A marmot can swim and walk, but it can´t fly. In the photo it is looking at the mountais.
  15. 15. This animal is a cougar.It is a big cat, it´s brown and it has got a long tail. It lives in North American mountains, between Canada and California.The cougars diet is carnivorous, composed by: cows, rabbits,sheep… It can jump a long distance but it can´t fly. The cougar in liberty can live around 10 years and in captivity can live 20 years. In this photo the cougar is ready to jump to its dam.