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Mobile computing fct


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Mobile computing fct

  1. 1. Mobile Computing - Aneesh Zutshi
  2. 2. What is a Mobile Computing? CPU Storage Wireless Connectivity Mobile OSSmart PhonesTablets GPS, Location Based Services
  3. 3. Operating SystemsProgrammed in Programmed inC, C++, Objective-C C, C++, Java
  4. 4. Operating SystemsProgrammed in C++ Partnership with NokiaDeveloped by Accenture forNokia
  5. 5. App MarketAll operating systems provide open platforms for thedevelopment of applications. These are openly sold throughApp Markets set up by each of the major operating systemproviders. Typically 30% of the transaction value is charged ascommission.
  6. 6. Considerations for Mobile Apps Mobility – Using GPS, weather, traffic updates Data Storage Memory Energy Screen Size Input Methods – least button use Transfer Rates Simple, easy to use designs Message Latency Bandwidth Usage Wireless Security
  7. 7. Types of Mobile Applications Browser Based  Through mobile’s web browser  Coded with the use of a markup language (eg. Html) Native Applications  Own runtime environment for execution  Directly interacts with the OS  Highly interactive applications
  8. 8. Types of Mobile Apps As mobile devices are being carried by a large number of users throughout the day, mobile apps can deliver a variety of services that PC based softwares can’t, thus providing immense economic opportunities for developers.  Mobile Gaming  Mobile Banking  Document Reading, writing, presentation  Noting Accounts  Social Networking  Mobile News  Location Based Services
  9. 9. Spotify- Listen to Radio and Unlimited Music on your Mobile Device- Search and Download unlimited Mp3 on your mobile device- Open Application platform for application developers Cost: € 7 per month for mobile, free for desktops
  10. 10. • 20 million users• Mobile Social Network• Users “Check into” places like clubs, restaurants, bars• Leave Reviews, Messages, and upload photos for others• See deals and offers through tie-ups with other companies like livingsocial, groupon• See where your friends• Has some similarities to Google Latitude The Problem? It still doesn’t have a viable business model
  11. 11. • Free• Up to Date• Dented business of GPS device vendors Limitations: • Needs wireless internet • No offline cache Alternatives:
  12. 12. • Owned by Facebook with 100 million users• Click Photos• Use in built filters to enhance images• Share the images with friends over all major social networks like facebook, twitter, tumblrAlso struggling with a profitablebusiness model
  13. 13. • Special equipment in partner stores detects mobiles with the app installed• Users get rewards, offers, deals, just by • Walking into affiliated stores • Scanning product barcodes • Purchasing products• It earns commission for each time a customer performs any of the above actions.
  14. 14. • A social network revolving around sports and TV serials• Users check into their favourite serials, and can share and chat with others watching the same serials.• They receive gift vouchers, virtual stickers, points and discounts.
  15. 15. Museum Guide Apps • Some Museums have started replacing physical maps with mobile apps based maps • Location Based Features work like a GPS showing routes to interesting attractions.The American Museum ofNatural History app points theway to an attraction.
  16. 16. Smartphone Application For Real-time CollectionAnd Delivery TrackingThe software can record all items delivered or collected, select a trackingstatus, capture the proof of delivery or collection, take photos when anexception happens. All information is then uploaded automatically to the DataCentre to be published on the web within minutes after the item has bedelivered or collected.• Devices with a Barcode scanners, RFID may be more useful for more advanced applications instead of manual entry of package IDs
  17. 17. Digital Menu System forRestaurants