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  1. 1. Page | 1 ‘MARKETING OF TRADE FAIR FOR CONSUMER DURABLES TO CORPORATES HOUSES’ BUSINESS MARKETING Submitted By: Course Facilitator: Section AB1 Prof. Rajeev Kamble Abhinav Kohale 2013004 Akannsha Baiwar 2013014 Aneesh Aswal 2013028 Aneesh Porwal 2013029 Animesh Bajpai 2013032 Aparajita Tewari 2013051 Bharat Mehra 2013074 2013-15
  2. 2. Page | 2 Index 1. Introduction ……………………………………………………………………… 4 2. Market research ………………………………………………… 6 3. Segmentation ………………………………………………………… 7 4. Communication Strategies ……………………………………….. 7 5. Promotion ………………………………………………………… 8 6. Exhibition Floor Plan and Space Selection ……………………… 10
  3. 3. Page | 3 India’s Largest Consumer Durable Trade Fair 101th National Trade Fair Bringing Together Buyers and Sellers 30th November – 2nd December, 2014 10am – 5pm Keynote by: Shri Nitin Gadkari Chief Patron, Consumer Durables, Government of India (GOI) “Consumer Durables are now occupying centerstage in the political economy of nationsand in global interactions. In this trade fair, the best of innovations & technologies in the ConsumerDurable sector are showcased forvalue addition and enhancing productivity.Through intensive workshops & exhibition,trade fair has proved to be a great learning experience for the farming community. it is one such genuine initiative, which provides an integrative framework and a platformfor all the stake holders consisting of retailers, government, NGOs, scientists, industry to come under single umbrella for deliberating, debating and conducting business in a professional manner for the all-round growth of durables.”
  4. 4. Page | 4 Introduction Trade Show A trade shows take place in a convention centeror large ballroom and feature participants from every area of the industry involved.  It provides a focus that mirrors selected markets  Guarantees and enhance transparency  Promotes an in-depth exchange of info Trade fair helps in generating awareness regarding the product in customers which ultimately helps in sales. Exhibitors Profile  White Goods: Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Air-conditioners, Speakers and Audio Equipments  Kitchen Applicances/Brown Goods: Mixers, Grinders, Microwave Ovens, Iron, Electric Fans, Cooking Range, Chimneys  Consumer Electronics: Mobile Phones, Televisions, MP3 Players, DVD Players, VCD Player Visitors Profile Urban population, Rural population, Government Officials and agencies, Wholesalers and Retailers, Industrial Officials, Students & Academia. Key Consumer durables (Share by Volume) Television sets 30% Refrigerators 18% Air-conditioners 13% Washing Machines 5% Corporate Houses Bharat Electronics Ltd., Blue Star, Godrej India, Hitachi India Limited, Precision Electronics Ltd., Philips, Samsung, Sony, TVS Electronics Ltd., Toshiba India Private Limited, Videocon, Voltas, Whirlpool. Highlights of the previous Trade Fair  Central India’s Largest Consumer Durables Trade Fair  Over 200 Exhibitors  Visited by over 4 lakhs consumers  Visited by over 250 businesses  Spread over 12,000 Sq.mts  30 interactive Workshops conducted by 60 Experts
  5. 5. Page | 5 About BizWorld BizWorld Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed name in the world of events, conferences, expos and trade shows. Headquartered in Mumbai, India we are have a global reach. Having organised around 100+ shows, we have a dedicated workforce who are committed to delivering a world-class experience through collaboration and teamwork. Our employees are trained and renowned for providing world-class service. BizWorld helps in world trade by making a remarkable contribution through having modern, state-of-art exhibit designs such as portable displays, modular inland exhibits, custom inland exhibits which helps to transform your brand into a larger-than-life event for the attendees and staff having all those elements like creative architecture, bold graphics and interactive features making it a worthwhile event. We as an organizer also are very flexible where the local dealers don’t just tailor solutions based on your specific needs and objectives but may also work with the internal design team or the agency you may be working with. We here at BizWorld believe in the culture of innovation and having one-of-a-kind products and designs which is reflected in the 80 product and design patents that we have. BizWorld provides the customers with a rental catalogue too which is a virtual selection space for the exhibit design. Apart from all this, we have a worldwide network of services and that too encompassing almost the whole process of participating in the trade show right from exhibit and graphic design to installation to even asset management. Having a global network of around 200+ dealers across the world our customers would have support wherever they exhibit. In addition to that we have multiple product design awards, awards for innovation to our credit. With our contribution to help improve trade and trade ties, our commitment to innovation and our services we help to create a truly memorable experience for our customers and ensure that we are their preferred choic e anytime, anywhere. Objectives  Brand building for our customer  Creating a memorable experience for the customers, attendees and the staff.  To help our customers exhibit easily and efficiently  To be a preferred choice of our customers and prospects through pursuing and maintaining our passion for innovation.
  6. 6. Page | 6 Market Research Process To prepare for a trade show we need to gather a lot of data and analyze it to gather some valuable information. To gather data we first have to collect the data from both perspective, when the companies are coming to put up their product setup in the trade fair and when individuals and business houses are visiting the trade fair. Since this trade fair is being conducted in central India, we are expecting here visitors mostly form these areas only. For this purpose we have to find out these information,  From previous trade fair data we have to find out what is the approximate number visitors we are expecting with respect to each setup site  Which are the sites we can attract most traffic  Which all are the most convenient location for setting up trade fair  Impact of past trade fair on sales of company  Which all are the hot products in the past trade fair  Conversion rate of all the past trade fair with respect to all location  Area corresponding to each location  Which area is most attractive  Which consumer durable product visitors mostly look for  Buying power of visitors at the trade fair  Per capita spending at the trade fair We have to contact many top consumer durable companies for the trade fair, for that purpose we have to build a database and need to gather following information,  List of all consumer durable companies operating in India  Financial strength of each company  Product portfolio of each company  Market share of a company product wise  Dealers of these companies in central India region  Amount they have invested in past trade fairs  Response from past trade fair  Affect in their sales from past trade pattern Most of the data will be our secondary data from our past trade fair and rest of the data we have collected from online sources and databases. Convenient site for trade fair:  Nagpur Region: Reshimbagh Ground, Kastur Chand Park.  Bhopal Region: Bittan Market Ground, BHEL Dushera Maidan, TT Nagar Dushera Maidan.  Raipur Region: Pandit Ravi Shankar University Ground.
  7. 7. Page | 7 Most attractive consumer durable category (Top 10): Television, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave Oven, Home Theater, Vacuum Pump, Juicer-Mixer- Grinder, Air Conditioner, Laptops, Fans Segmentation We will be targeting metropolitan cities where firms from consumer durables are located so that they can come in Nagpur to set up their exhibition to create awareness and importance about their products like AC’s, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and many others. We have the databases of the firms located across Pan India. Based on the convenience and suitability we will call them to have a display of their products in our exhibition. Targeting those firms whose brands are known in the market but not being tapped. Through demonstrations, contests and workshops in our exhibition, we will help them establish the image and loyalty of customers towards their brand also such firms will participate in our future events. Based on the response, we would be conducting Trade Fairs in future in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore. To fill the gap in tier 2 cities like Nagpur, we will target those firms who have successfully executedtheir strategy to place their products in the minds of customersby giving demos and excellent sales support. BizWorld will provide superb platform to have interaction between consumer durable companies and the customers. Communication Strategies Do we have a contact database? Typically this database contains thousands of potential customers and contacts – but at best a very small percentage of that database will actually attend the show you are attending. So, how do you get the majority of the contact database to attend your show? Where are our customers at an exhibition? If you don’t know the answer, you are already missing out big time. I have proven to increase sales leads by 75% showing clients where their customers are hiding at events. Pre-Show Communications with First Timers Advertise in pre-show publications (Both print and electronic) We are publishing special issues of the company’s trade journals. It will include all the important sales features of the exhibit, where it is located, list of companies to be invited to set up booths. Using Internet Using internet, we come-up with the directories containing the names of major corporates in the consumer durable sector. We will promote our exhibition initially over the phone (cold calling). Additionally, we will provide direct links of the company’s website to let the corporates know the details of the exhibition.
  8. 8. Page | 8 Using internet, we are also designing “Banner”, “Web Logs (blogs)”. Pre-Show Communications with Long Timers Direct Mail Personalized direct mail will be sent, which is a highly effective motivator. At least three mails are to be sent in a day. The buyer’s perception of our company’s presence will increase positively with each mailing we will send. Specialty Items Give-aways, or specialty items, creatively used in conjunction with direct mail are also quite effective. We will send one half of the specialty item to the previous visitors and invite them to pick up the other half during their visit to the exhibition. Advertising Telemarketing to key prospects and opinion makers. This personal contact will make a very positive impact. More approaches which can be followed:  Advertisement on Web sites  Print advertising in show publications  Industry journals  Local and Regional edition newspapers  Outdoor Billboards Newsletters Either printed or electronic, newsletters are another effective way to promote participation in an exhibition. It should be easy to read and filled with valuable information targeting the current customers and prospects. It can be in several languages, according to the visitor profile, yet focused on techniques to increase profitability. A newsletter permits you to position your company as an expert in your industry sector. It is more effective when sent before the event and post-show, as a final promotion, of what was achieved. Promotion strategy Different tools used for the promotion of Trade Fair: Effective Strategies for Trade Show Marketing Pre-Show Promotion  Media Advertising  Press Release  Industry Related Publications
  9. 9. Page | 9  Website Development  Personal Invitations  Direct Mail  Telemarketing  Social Networking: LinkedIn, Tweeter, Facebook  Personal Invitations Media Advertising This includes advertising in Newspapers,Magazines, Radio. This will create awareness of our trade fair and put our message across. Press Release We are planning a press release, keeping in view the proper format. Industry Related Publications We are promoting our show in trade or industry related publications. As ours is a consumer durable category, we are publishing the consumer durables related publications. AT-SHOW PROMOTIONS  Billboards  Airport Advertising  Show Directory Advertising  Sponsorships  Local TV opportunities  Press Kits
  10. 10. Page | 10 Advantages and disadvantages of each tool Promotion Advantage Disadvantage Objectives Before the Show Press Advertisement Wide reach, credible voice Expensive, Less control over type of exposure Brand awareness Direct Mail Targeted Reach List availability Image awareness, Generate leads, Product introduction, Pre-schedule appointments Telemarketing Direct contact/direct feedback Expensive and time- consuming Generate leads, Pre-schedule appointments, Sales At the Show Billboards Wide reach Limited locations Image awareness, Product introduction Airport ads Early exposure Limited time for exposure Image awareness, Product introduction Press Briefings/Interviews Inexpensive press coverage, Exposure through a credible source Little control, Requires additional staff to handle the press Image awareness, Product introduction, Press coverage Show Directory Ads Outer covers provide good exposure, Selective reach Limited availability, Costly Image awareness, Generate leads, Product introduction, Sales Exhibition Floor Plan Space selection and Exhibition tariff Giving space-picking priority to the exhibitors who have been with us the longest. There is more than one entry to the exhibition hall. We have decided a pricing strategy for different locations in the exhibition. If the Corporate Houses want to be near:  the front of the hall  the middle of the hall  the back of the hall
  11. 11. Page | 11  For the exhibition to be at the right side of the hall  For the exhibition to be at the left side of the hall If corporates require extra necessities:  Restaurant  Telephones  Rest rooms  Meeting rooms SPACE SELECTION Things required to fulfil the demand of corporate houses:  What is the typical traffic pattern?  Is there more than one entry to the exhibition hall?  Do the corporate houses want to be near the front of the hall? In the middle? Or at the back?  Do they want to be on the right side or left side of the hall?  Do they require near necessities — restaurant, telephones, rest rooms?  Any meeting rooms required by corporates?  What kind of lighting is available in the hall — where are the windows, if any?  What kind of space do corporates need? Inline, peninsula, island, cross aisle? Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsorship Options Amount Event Sponsorship Event Sponsor 30,00,000 Event Co-Sponsor 20,00,000 Exhibition Exhibition Platinum Sponsor 15,00,000 Exhibition Diamond Sponsor 10,00,000 Exhibition Gold Sponsor 7,00,000 Exhibition Silver Sponsor 5,00,000 Workshop Lead Workshop Sponsor 15,00,000 Workshop Co-Session 10,00,000 Workshop Session Sponsor 3,00,000
  12. 12. Page | 12 Conference Conference Host 15,00,000 Conference Co-Host 10,00,000 Conference Session Sponsor 5,00,000 Partners State Partner 15,00,000 Co-State Partner 10,00,000 We will be charging Rs.5000 per square meter + service tax (12.36%) to the companies who will be setting up their stalls in our exhibition. Value Proposition: The corporates will gain by participating in the trade fair  We are a well-known reputed and a well name in the world of events, conferences, expos and trade shows.  Have an experience of organizing more than 100 trade shows.  Have a dedicated workforce which is committed to deliver world class experience and are also know for providing world class service.  More flexible as we not only cater to the specific needs and objectives but also work with the internal design of the team that our clients have been working with.  We help In world trade by providing modern state of art exhibitions such as portable displays, modular as well as custom made inlands exhibits that helps to transform the brand into larger than life event by providing with creative architecture, bold graphics and interactive features and making the event a worthwhile event  Have a worldwide network of services which encompasses almost the whole process right from the participation in the trade show from the exhibit and graphic design to installation and to event management also.  Have a strong Global network of more than 200 dealers across the globe.  Have won multiple awards for product design and also awards for innovation.