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Ques 2

  1. 1. Aneesah Khalil
  3. 3. As you can see that there are clear similarities from all three products. DIGI PACKSETTING  we used the graffiti wall as the main focal point as we felt itwould represent the genre best as well as adding intertextuality of hip-hopart.This was effective for our brand image as the audience was able toassociate the product with the artist, thus being more marketable. PRINT ADVERTISEMENTCLOTHING  Out of the two options (street and branded) we selectedto use street as we thought it would be more effective in representing starimage and conveying the star persona to the audience.This was effective as casual clothing allowed our artist to relate to theaudience more effectively as using branded clothing would convey asuperior status. MUSIC VIDEO
  4. 4.  VIDEO: In the video we used low angle shots and placed the artist in the centre of a high bridge to portray a superior status towards the audience. Showing superior status is a convention of hip-hop music videos whether its clothing, money or women.This was effective as it represented star image by showing the audience that he is the main star and to raise awareness. DIGI PACK: In the front cover of the digi pack we took a mid-close up to show the artists facial expression. The artist has a strong firm image which reflects his star persona. Also the posture and eye contact engages the audience.This is effective as the front cover is the main image that the consumer would see and with the effective pose and facial expressions, the artist draws in the audience and demanding attention. PRINT ADVERTISEMENTS: star image was shown through a mid shot of the artist. This allowed the audience to look at what he is wearing and the overall appearance of him.
  5. 5.  LOVE  from my market research i have identified that majority of music videos that represent the them of ‘love’ usually see the women as a resource. However we have constructed a artist that rejects the mainstream and is not afraid to show the audience the real side of him. This is effective as the artist now has a sense of realism and values women as his object of affection rather than resource. EQUAL POWER  as we now live in a post modern society where gender stereotypes have less influence, we decided to complement the new audience rather than work against them. Thus we wanted to set out a moral message of equality and re structure the portrayal of women with in the hip hop genre (which is sex objects to satisfy the ‘male gaze’). This was effective as our music video now had a element of product differentiation and a USP to work with which gives the video a unique aspect which existing music videos do not have. This also allowed us to attract new audiences due to our new vision.
  6. 6.  The theme of redemption was expressed through all products. This was done in various ways as we wanted to show the journey and catharsis of the artist. We wanted to send a message that the artist is just a normal person and he also worked hard to get to where he is. This is done with in the music video mainly as it conveys the contrast between the street life and the success.This was effective as the audience as it represents growth and encourages the audience to respect him due to his journey and the fact that the artist has shared the path with them. Also in the inside left of the digi pack there is a picture of a tree. This connotes growth and related to the journey of redemption.This was effective as it related to all three products and signified the artists emotions.Furthermore, our track list on the back cover of the digi pack portrayed redemption as the songs was re-arranged to fit in with his journey.This was effective as when the cd is played, it provides the consumer with the narrative.
  7. 7.  The combination of our product and ancillary text was very effective as throughout all products we proudly represented our self produced record label to serve advertising needs of the record label. This was significantly vital as it s a new record label produced specifically for rejecting mainstream and needs to break into the market and get well known. The album name and artist name is also shown on various occasions to emphasise the artists importance as well as ensuring that the audience know who the star is. The font id large on majority occasions and is also written in bold ensure that the name gets noticed.This was effective as the same clothing and colour scheme makes the product more recognisable to the audience, which makes it easier to identify.
  8. 8. I found that our ancillary texts was effective as it followed conventions which meant that the audience could easily identify the genre as it had similar features to the existing products However our music video challenged or subverted conventions (equal dominance, rejecting mainstream, own record label etc), which made it also veryeffective as it provided some unique aspects and Im confident that the consumer will credit that
  9. 9.  My main product and ancillary texts was effective as all products consistently linked with each other.Also all aspects of the products were done in order to meet the needs of the audience.My audience research supports the fact that we have satisfied them, therefore our products were effective as it met the expectations of the audience.