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Im Saving My Planet


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Im Saving My Planet

  1. 1. Searching for a reason to live.. Just wondering… What do I love about life? Brownies.. ..& cheesecakes. …taste like heaven
  2. 2. N puppies …feel like heaven
  3. 3. N babies …angels from heaven
  4. 4. A hot cup of coffee…
  5. 5. On a rainy evening …heaven on earth
  6. 6. Dancing in the rain…
  7. 7. Wind in my hair… & sand in my feet…
  8. 8. But before I get lost in my dream world.. I need to wake up!!! These are a few of my favorite things… Tra..La..La..La…
  9. 9. To celebrate life as we know it, I need a planet to live on! My beautiful planet…
  10. 10. I wanna see the most awesome places on earth before I die.. Tropical Islands of HAWAII..
  11. 11. Glaciers of Alaska
  12. 12. Switzerland, of course..
  13. 13. And New Zealand for sure..
  14. 14. BUT!! I don’t want the ice caps melting and flooding large areas of land.. Breaks my heart to know that polar bears can drown before they can reach a solid piece of ice.. CAN I DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?
  15. 15. YES, I CAN.. I’m taking simple small steps to curb Global Warming.. For example, by replacing a normal light bulb..
  16. 16. With a Compact Fluorescent Bulb, I’m saving 300 pounds of CO2 emissions annually..
  17. 17. By shutting off my computer when not in use, I’m saving 200 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  18. 18. By adjusting my AC thermostat by 2 degrees up in summer and 2 degrees down in winter, I’m saving 2000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  19. 19. By running my dishwasher and washing machine on full load only, I’m saving 100 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  20. 20. By line drying my clothes instead of using the dryer, I’m saving 700 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  21. 21. I’m saving 1000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. By wearing warm clothes in winter instead of using a heater,
  22. 22. By cleaning my AC filter regularly, I’m saving 350 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  23. 23. By carpooling just once a week, Oops! I meant,
  24. 24. I’m saving 790 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  25. 25. By keeping my car tires adequately inflated, I’m saving 250 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  26. 26. By checking my car air filter regularly, I’m saving 800 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  27. 27. By using recycled paper, I’m saving 5 pounds of CO2 per ream of paper.
  28. 28. By choosing to buy locally grown fresh food,
  29. 29. Instead of frozen food, I’m saving 10 times the energy required to produce, store & transport it.
  30. 30. By avoiding heavily packaged products & reducing my garbage by just 10% I’m saving 1200 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  31. 31. By recycling paper, glass and plastic, I’m saving 1000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually.
  32. 32. Just imagine what affect you and I can cause if we all take up these simple steps. Lets save our planet..
  33. 33. If all of us contribute, we can multiply the affect many times over. I’m doing my bit. I’m sure you’ll join me. Thanks for your time. Created by: Srishti Dua Contact: