IBIAN MIS managment information system project


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Managent information system

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IBIAN MIS managment information system project

  1. 1. IIBIAN MIS 1
  2. 2. Summary Description: This project is capable of providing the consultation between teachers and students for any institutes they want to deploy. Although at present the project is intended to facilitate the Institute Of IBA, university of Sindh, Jamshoro. The web based capabilities of the project will be highly beneficial for the users, that are administrator, teachers and students to remain connected with the database from everywhere and provide necessary solution accordingly, this will helpful in achieving the required information for students. This project specially provide facility to students, using this project students will not see the result at notice board and will not go to the teacher’s office to know their result. IBIAN MIS 2
  3. 3. CHAPTER # 1 PLANNING PHASE The Problem: Although Most institutes can see the benefits ofusing a more precise approach to manage theirinstitutes with additional information, the toolsprovided by the precision operating institute systemand other information technologies moved intomainstream in educational operational managementof IBA department. The increased complexity of thesystems inhabits easy adoption and makescalculation as to the financial and operationalbenefits uncertain. These issues can be resolved byimproving the decision making process throughbetter management Information system, improveddata interchange standards and clear managementmethods. IBIAN MIS 3
  4. 4. Problem Statement:IBIAN management system is working in manualdocumentation and communication but seemshectic for faculty members, directors andstudents as well in many operational activitieslike communication between faculty to director,director to faculty members, students to teachersand other information updates regarding ouracademic issues, like results, courses outlineand classes schedule, planning and examsupdates. So we found that there should be a MISsystem to help and Modify the current systemthrough our IBIAN MIS project assigned byteacher and suggested by director’s requirement. IBIAN MIS 4
  5. 5. SYSTEM OBJECTIVE To develop a vision of the IBA of tomorrow from the prospective of the project team and IBA director to show a better organized system that how IBA will be in tomorrow and how our project will be prove as helping hand. To develop a new system for the IBA Sindh University in which student, faculty members and other employees access the information and data of department and academic updates without any difficulty. To overcome the manual work in the IBA and burden from the employees. Cost efficient compliance with standards as an integral part of IBA operations. Analyze and specify the required knowledge, information and methods needed to adopt specific management strategies. Produce a set of specifications that can be used to define a flexible and dynamic IBIAN Management Information System. IBIAN MIS 5
  6. 6. System constraints: The degree to which decision supporters are committed to the decision may determine whether the decision gets made or not. Low security This MIS system is limited for the use of IBA Sindh university students and personnel. It will not be applicable for other departments of Sindh University as well as other educational institutes. Need internet connection The credibility and the status of decision supporters within the organization. Sometimes gets slower The prestige and the positive image projected by computerization is associated with progressive prosperity and efficiency in the minds of director, faculty members, users and other departments of university of sindh. IBIAN MIS 6
  7. 7. THE RECOMMENDED SYSTEM STUDY PROJECT:1. IBIAN MIS performance2. Human resource requirement3. Schedule of work4. Estimated cost IBIAN MIS 7
  8. 8. 1.IBIAN MISPERFORMANCE IBIAN MIS primarily will be controlled by the Top management like director. Every planning of scheduled will be under his verification. Weekly progress report will also be examined by the authorities. There will be mentioned each n every scheduled meetings. There will be a platform provided for their special graphical presentation. Sophistication of application will be performed. Degree of integration among to varies applications like resulting and making decisions about grades. Organizational objectives will be efficiently solved. High timeliness of output. Usage of the computerized system will be officially influenced to the all users. IBIAN MIS 8
  10. 10. MIS objectives & Constraints Objectives: It will register students Students have to log in After login in They can search out related subject teachers By clicking on any teacher link they can get the notes of related subject and also can contact with teacher at online platform. Students can also search their subject result to concern teacher link Student can have result term wise as well Teachers will be handling admin site such as uploading notes , result , their presence time of online. Etc When teachers will update subject wise result , the grade will be automatically calculated . IBIAN MIS 10
  11. 11. Constraints: Registered users can get access of system only. once teachers have inserted marks they cannot change . IBIAN MIS 11
  12. 12. IMPACTS ON THE FIRM’S RESOURCESIBIAN Management Information system will be:1. Time effective2. Cost effective3. Make human resource effective4. Quality of Implementation IBIAN MIS 12
  13. 13. FEASIBILITY STUDY: IBIAN MIS is system will design such as that factorprobably cannot effect the processing of the system. It willbe feasible for the IBA department of Sindh University. Thissoftware is designed as per requirement of director. This software will have technically designed with newtechnologies. Technology is a wide field and day by day itis changing bring new facilities for the users so thissoftware will also lead IBA in the competitive environment. Economically it has positive and negative effects.positively it will help to develop the reputation and alsohelp to reduce the cost of other expense .negatively it willaffect the employment of the personnel. IBIAN MIS 13
  15. 15. Chapter # 2 ANALYSIS PHASEAnalysis is about: problems rather than solutions why rather than how discovery rather than invention critique rather than acceptance decomposition rather than recombination insight rather than banality clarity rather than confusion open rather than closed structure rather than disorder IBIAN MIS 15
  16. 16. Announce the system study In todays technology word manual work has become so lengthy one and time consuming and causes fatigue for the management team ,students teachers and directors. To resolves all these hindrances it has been analyzed and developed a new system for the IBIANS in which director teachers, students and management team access the information and academic updates with just one click. IBIAN MIS 16
  17. 17. ORGANIZE THE PROJECTTEAM For this system there is no need of any team.A single person can run this system and upload every information. IBIAN MIS 17
  18. 18. DEFINE INFORMATIONNEEDS For the adaptation of education there comes many hindrances so many issues and becomes hectic for the students and teachers to get updated from every academic information just like result, syllabus, class time table, exam schedule etc. By this MIS it would be so helpful and great guidance for the management team and IBIANS also . To lessen the manual work burden of management ,director, teachers and students also. MIS is totally time saving and service based oriented. IBIAN MIS 18
  19. 19. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA MIS is used by only the registered people. And is updated by single admin which is further followed by only the director of IBA department. No any unregistered person will be avail of this MIS. It is totally authorized and having copyright reserved. Grade formation of result is also MIS based which cannot be altered after once uploaded. Registered students can consult their teachers and can upload their assignments which will be confidential. IBIAN MIS 19
  20. 20. PERT Chart of IBIAN MIS IBIAN MIS 20
  21. 21. CHAPTER # 3 DESIGNING PHASE Design is the important part of the software it gives visual presentation to the users and customers or those who want to purchase and for run the system in their organization. It allows them to complete their task efficiently and effectively as they want to automate their present management system of the organization either it is running manually or at the different software IBIAN MIS 21
  22. 22.  Its first page will be based on the home page where the introduction of the system will be given and blanks will be their where users can enter their ID and password to login which will be assigned by the higher authorities according to their designation. Format of how to login Sign up If haven’t registered click here IBIAN MIS 22
  24. 24.  After clicking on the option a form will display by the system where new user can do registration of her/him self onlineAppearance format of home page content after loginIf user will be students :HOME COURSE ASSIGNMENT RESULT ACEDAMIC ANNOUCEMENT DESCRIPTION WORK RECORD IBIAN MIS 24
  25. 25. ERD (entity relationshipDiagram) ERD(Entity Relationship Diagram) person PK s-no departement fist name last name roll number year password roll no subject result s-no subject name teacher-nmae subject name marks roll number IBIAN MIS 25
  26. 26. .IBIAN MIS 26