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Film poster

  1. 1. Film Poster By Hassan Abdalla
  2. 2. What is meant by a film marketing campaign? Who is in charge of the marketing campaign? Why is this campaign so important? • A marketing champagne is the process of communication where the industry is delivering a valued product or service to an audience. The person who is in charge of a marketing champagne is the marketing and advertising director which is assigned by the producer. A marketing champagne is very important because without it the audience will have no idea about the film.
  3. 3. Give examples of different ways to market or advertise a film. • • • • There is many ways of advertising a film there is most common and conventional way which is a trailer to be shown on TV. The slots for these trailers are very expensive so the marketing director has to choose very wisely so it could be viewed by the target audience. Another common way has now become the internet more specifically trailer would be put up on Youtube which has easy access and most importantly its free. The most common still advertisement is a billboard poster which is located at very popular cities Technology has now become very advanced and more films have a social champagne for example it would have a page on Facebook or an account on Twitter which is very popular.
  4. 4. How important is the poster? • The film poster is very important as you have to sell the film in just a still image which could be very difficult. The poster has to be very appealing for its audience this means all factors to make an excellent poster have to be good these will include the colour, the image, the text font and size, release date and the tag line. The designer for the poster has to intrigue the audience into wanting them wanted to see more from this film.
  5. 5. What is the difference between a teaser poster and a theatrical release poster? Explain what they are for and how they target the audience. • Teaser • A teaser trailer is meant to intrigue the audience and draw them into the film. This will also help to promote the film as there will be a lot of word of mouth. A teaser trailer will contain the following: -will be very simple -Intrigue the audience -It normally says ‘Coming Soon’ -has to engage with an audience -It is not very specific • Theatrical release A theatrical release is the final poster and it has to include the all main features and this is meant to draw the audience in and grab their attention A theatrical release poster will include the following: -Date -credits -Stars -tag line -Ratings -Title
  6. 6. Why may there be several versions of a film poster? Use egs. • A film normally has several posters because it will try to communicate the film in different ways. Another reason why there might have several posters is to attract a wider range of audience, an example would be the film ‘Looking for Eric’ which produced more than 7 posters this is a very smart marketing technique as the film is being shown to the second and tertiary audience.
  7. 7. What are the main elements of the poster? Which are the most important and why? • There several important elements to a film poster. These are: -The title, which is very important as it has to be big and noticeable fore the audience . -The stars of the films because many people will watch a film because it has a popular star in it] -The logo of the film because the producers want there to be a clear association with a film. - The credits because some audiences watch certain movies because it has a popular or famous director or producer -The Tagline , just so the audience could know what type of genre the film is -The studios that has produced the film this is very important because certain studios have an excellent reputation for make films of a high standard -and finally the Mise en-scene this is once again because it shows the audience what genre the film is. -The colours, this is because different colours will associate the film with different genres
  8. 8. What do you know about poster sizes and formats? • Posters are normally put up as billboards and the main format is landscape. This will consists of mainly 4 shits that are 1016(mm) in width and 1524(mm) in height. • Or you could have a portrait poster which is on a bigger scald and requires more sheets of paper.
  9. 9. What makes an effective poster? • An effective genre is a genre that will be able to communicate the genre to the audience because that is very important, also an effective poster is a poster that will highlight the main features . This is very important because the designers of the posters want to selling the film in just one picture this will mean that this poster has to create an enigma just to draw the audience in and want them to watch it.