Jakarta Founder Institute 2012


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Information about Jakarta Founder Institute. Summer 2012 semester registration is now open.

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Jakarta Founder Institute 2012

  1. 1. Jakarta Founder Institute Returning on May 24, 2012Early Registration close on April 22, 2012
  2. 2. Jakarta Founder Institute in 2011• FALL 2011 Semester : • 132 registration, 43 accepted to the program (32.5%) • 4 months extensive mentorship program, graduated 13 founders which currently working to build their IT companies. • Graduation Day attended by +200 parties from startup ecosystem and supporters, medias, vendors, incubators and ventures.
  3. 3. Jakarta Founder Institute Events
  4. 4. Media Coverage
  5. 5. About us:Jakarta Founder InstituteIndonesia Startup - Global NetworkThe Founder Institute is a global network of startupsand mentors that helps entrepreneurs launchmeaningful and enduring technology companies.
  6. 6. Locations Chicago Budapest St Louis Amsterdam Denver Brussels Boston Berlin Houston Seattle New York ParisSilicon Valley Washington DC Tel AvivLos Angeles Hanoi San Diego Jakarta Guadalajara Singapore Bogota Sydney Medellin Santiago Rio
  7. 7. Our VisionThe Founder Institute aims to improve the rate ofstartup success by providing high-potentialentrepreneurs with expert training, critical objectivefeedback, and peer support.
  8. 8. Our Formula(Great People) + (World Class Training) + (Aligned Incentives) = Exponentially Better Chance of Success
  9. 9. Great Companies Start With Great PeopleProprietary Predictive Admissions Test to find thebest people.This social science test was developed along withleading university social scientists, and is regularlycalibrated to identify entrepreneurial personalitytraits and remove all forms of subjective bias.
  10. 10. World Class TrainingA four-month program with weekly company-buildingassignments guided by a worldwide network of over500 Mentors that are founders themselves.Our curriculum was initially crowdsourced by the15,000+ CEO members of TheFunded.com, and hassince been improved using the Institutes experiencerunning chapters in over 20 cities.
  11. 11. Jakarta Founder InstituteMentors & Support Network 2011 Details on all registered mentors in Jakarta Founder Institute, pls refer to http://fi.co/mentors
  12. 12. Founder Institute Global MentorsAaron  Patzer,   Adeo  Ressi,   Barry  Silbert,  Founder  &  CEO,  Mint.com Founder  &  CEO,  TheFunded.com Founder  &  CEO,  Second  MarketBart  Decream,   Phil  Libin Bram  Cohen,  Founder  &  CEO,  Tapulous CEO,  Evernote Founder,  BitTorrentBubba  Murarka,   Dan  Shapiro,   David  Sacks,  BD,  Facebook BoD,  PhotoBucket CEO,  YammerGarreH  Camp,   Gina  Bianchini,   Glenn  Kelman,  CEO,  Stumbleupon Cofounder,  Ning CEO,  RedfinHeather  Harde,   Izhar  Armony,   Jake  Nickell,  CEO,  TechCrunch GP,  Charles  River  Ventures Founder,  ThreadlessJason  Calacanis,   Jordan  Greenhall,   Mark  Pincus,  CEO,  Mahalo.com Founder,  DivX Founder  &  CEO,  ZyngaMaH  Shobe,   Michael  Arrington,   Philip  Kaplan,  Cofounder,  Feedburner Editor,  TechCrunch Founder,  Adbrite
  13. 13. Aligned IncentivesThe Founder Institute employs a unique Bonus Poolwhere everyone shares equity in the companies formedfrom each semester.Each Graduate contributes 3.5% of their companyequity in warrants to a 10-year Bonus Pool with otherpeers from the current semester.When one succeeds, everyone receives financialupside.
  14. 14. DifferentiationShared equity upside among all stakeholdersSupport employment of enrolled FoundersNo bias for ideas of business typesLocal community developmentTop CEO Mentors and service providersNo funding preferences – bootstrap, angel,venture, government = Ok
  15. 15. Other BenefitsFlexibility - Idea or no idea, early stage startup or no startup. You are not evenrequired to quit your day job.Services and Scale - Free and discounted services from leading law firms, hostingcompanies, technology providers, and over 50 other vendors. We also collect data,feedback, and reviews to select the best Mentors, improve the curriculum, fine tunethe test, and improve the experience for participating Founders.Investment Support - Introduction to local angels and venture capitalists throughoutthe program at three "investor sessions.“ Feature on an exclusive “Founder Angels”mailing list. Invitation to participate in large-scale Founder Institute pitch events - suchas the Founder Showcase in Silicon Valley.
  16. 16. Process Select Predictive Social Science Test Train Four Month Curriculum Motivate Protective Legal Framework Help Peers, Investors & Discounts
  17. 17. Process Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Ideation Planning Setup Awareness Vision Legal Product Marketing Research Revenue Outsourcing Presentation Naming Recruiting Partners Funding• Weekly business building assignments• 3 sessions per month• 3 mentors per session• In the evening
  18. 18. FeesFees Amount Description waived if apply before April 22, 2012Application USD 50.- For admission test processing For catering, supplies andCourse USD 650.- operationsBonus Pool 3.5% Optional upon graduationTuition USD 4,500.- Conditional on external financing
  19. 19. Jakarta Founder Institute Classes
  20. 20. Partners
  21. 21. Apply to Jakarta Founder InstituteIf you could use expert training and feedback tolaunch a tech company, then join us and apply athttp://www.fi.co/joinFurther information email : info@jktfi.com
  22. 22. More information : Andy Zain (andy@jktfi.com)Novistiar Rustandi (novis@jktfi.com) Sanny Gaddafi (sagad@jktfi.com)