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Pitch deck

  1. 1. Pitch Deck Alessio Patron - Project Manager | Marco Martini - Web designerMichele Prandina - Developer | Ani Sinanaj - Developer | Eni Sinanaj - Developer
  2. 2. The ProblemFashion e-commerce has worked for a long time with standard apparel
  3. 3. The solution Bottega12 gives a better experience: tailor made men’s fashion with customization optionsSuits, blazers, shirts, coats, shoes, bags, wallets, belts: all made in Italy, 100% certified
  4. 4. US, Bottega12 We create and manage the showcase, the platform where users can build their apparel. And we keep our fee (50% of the final price)Flow:Customer Order Bottega12 (50% $) Maker (50%)
  5. 5. What, the products We sell men’s fashion online. The products areunique, with the added value of “Made in Italy” and the Bottega12 label ... this is our brand identity.
  6. 6. The makersWe select the best Italian manufacturers tooffer the best combination between design and materials.
  7. 7. CustomersFashion addicted men, ages 25-50, medium tohigh income: this is our target. From all over the world
  8. 8. Market Our main targets are:Common European Union MarketRussia and North AmericaThe rest of the world (as soon as possible)
  9. 9. What elseMakers will use Bottega12’s packaging and labelsOur startup will manage customer serviceReturns: they belong to the makers!No warehouse neededBottega12 is social: users can follow each other anddiscover new trends
  10. 10. MarketIt is difficult to quantify a very mature market inthe niche of tailor made products. For exampleYoox ships 4 million products per yearworldwide!Our initial target for the first year of operation is10,000 deliveries (30 per day) with an average valueof 300 Euro per shipment.Our marketing plan is focused on the EU (inparticular UK and Germany), because we want toinvest in the US when we will be stronger
  11. 11. Competitors Indochino, Bleuflamme, Blanklabel, Tailor4less...But ...Bottega12 is the only one to offer real Italian production => Design / Style / Quality An example? Our suits can be made of Zegna or Loro Piana fabrics.
  12. 12. NumbersA prediction of revenue of the 1st year of activity (amounts in USD) Our target: 30 sales per day
  13. 13. InvestmentThe seeding capital we need is almost 300K USD This is how we would use it:
  14. 14. The teamWe are 5 guys, all livingin the Venice area, Italy Alessio Michele Patron Prandina Ani, Eni and Michele are developers Marco is a web designer Alessio manages the project and Marco selects the makers (has already Martini Eni Sinanaj selected a few makers)Meanwhile we are building thewebsite - based on Magento - and themobile apps (iOS, Android) Ani Sinanaj
  15. 15. Contacts Email: info@bottega12.comPhone (USA): 011 651 270 5767Phone (Italy): 0039 338 728 2839 Skype: CallBottega12