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Sda Brochure

  4. 4. SDA ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS 01 Introduction 02 Industry / Client List 03 Core Competencies 05 Environmental Responsibility 07 Case Studies 23 Summary
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION SDA Architects and Designers is a leading full service architecture, design, & implementation firm specializing in retail branding and project management. Established in 1994, SDA is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of each individual client. With local experience in executing both national corporate programs and individual retailer projects, SDA is committed to providing the outstanding levels of customer service and the meticulous attention to detail required to deliver success. Our ability to balance both corporate brand and individual retailer project needs allows us to create and execute cutting edge, value-engineered design solutions that have placed the company at the forefront of its field. 1
  7. 7. INDUSTRY/ CLIENT LIST INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE AUTOMOTIVE CLIENT LIST Automotive Audi AG BMW Jaguar Cars Upscale Lodging Land Rover Lexus Mercedes-Benz Restaurant & Bar Hospitality Pendragon PLC. Volvo Chrysler Retail Supermarket Ford Motor Company General Motors Honda Marina/ Wharf Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Commercial & Government Property Renault Seat Skoda Volkswagen AG Healthcare Education 2
  8. 8. CORE COMPETENCIES At SDA, we specialize in a variety of value added services, from completely DESIGN all-new design solutions to professional implementation of existing design concepts. Architecture Brand Identity At Retail We take responsibility in seeing each project through from the initial concept Interior & Graphic Design phase to the grand opening, making sure that your projects are completed on Space Planning budget, on schedule, and in line with your brand image. We also keep in mind Visualization the needs of each specific location, customizing designs to deliver consistent visual impact while at the same time meeting unique layout, environment, & usage criteria. In addition, we pride ourselves at SDA in being professional retail branding consultants. We are experts in the architectural interpretation of company IMPLEMENTATION brand values, which can be translated into either corporate office environments Project Management or retail facilities. Execution Feasibility Alternatively, SDA can provide tailored ideas to improve existing designs, Consistency and value engineer better local solutions. We also work with a wide range Environmental Responsibility of suppliers to source the kinds of detailed elements like graphics, furniture, Value Engineering and accessories that can truly differentiate a retail environment and improve Sourcing & Supplier Negotiation customer satisfaction. 3
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  10. 10. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY SDA is dedicated to promoting and implementing sustainable design practices. Building healthier and more environmentally responsible buildings is important, and can also be more economical. As environmental responsibility is fast becoming more important globally, SDA is pleased to share our knowledge and experience in environmentally responsible design. We have worked to compile a broad network of vendors and partner companies who share our commitment to environmental and energy efficiency related issues in all facets of architecture and design. SDA is a certified member of the U.S. Green Building Council and is ready to partner with you to reduce the environmental impact of your projects, including the ability to earn LEED credits. SDA is a Member of the U.S. Green Building Council 5
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  12. 12. CASE STUDIES National “Brand Guardian” Programs Jaguar / Land Rover Multibrand Facility Land Rover 21st Century Refresh Volvo Cars of North America Boutique Concept Showroom Sunset Boulevard Newport Beach 7
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  14. 14. NATIONAL “BRAND GUARDIAN” PROGRAMS SDA partners with a number of brand conscious automotive manufacturers such as Land Rover, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, & VW to deliver consistency in their retail designs. Successful brands like these want to ensure that all customer touchpoints communicate a distinct and upscale message to the consumer. However, automakers face many similar challenges that make the branding process difficult. Primarily among these is the need to balance the concerns of individual retailers and project costs with the desire for a consistently outstanding retail design execution. To achieve this goal, SDA has developed a comprehensive Design Review Team (DRT) process. This process has been extremely effective in communicating all facility design related concerns to key stakeholders and in addressing issues quickly and effectively. The end result is a process that provides a single point of contact, can be easily managed with limited resources, and delivers great design, visual consistency, local flexibility, retailer and manufacturer satisfaction. 9
  15. 15. JAGUAR/ LAND ROVER MULTI-BRAND DESIGN Starting in 2002, SDA teamed up with Jaguar Cars and Land Rover North America to tackle a truly unique branding challenge: how to express two very distinct luxury brands with storied histories in one physical space. This project required intense collaboration with the manufacturers and their retailers, as well as the balancing of two very different marketing identities. The results of this effort were so successful that SDA was awarded the design and implementation contract for the entire retail network, helping to establish nearly 100 new or updated retail facilities nationwide over a 5 year period. In addition, several retailers also contracted SDA to manage their individual projects, demonstrating our ability to effectively service the needs of independent businesses simultaneously with corporate objectives. “SDA did a remarkable job balancing the unique requirements of our two prestigious brands with storied histories. Their ability to quickly interpret our core brand values, and see that through to the design execution, delivered dozens of new retail stores that we and our retailers are very proud of.” - Lindel Smith, National Facility Design Manager, Jaguar & Land Rover North America 10
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  18. 18. LAND ROVER 21ST CENTURY REFRESH Starting in 2005, Land Rover entrusted SDA to update their distinctive and once class leading retail branding execution into the 21st century. In addition, the design needed to: • Be both comprehensive and cost-effective • Retain existing structural operating efficiencies • Build on the strengths of the original design while at the same time more closely aligning with the future of the brand. Since its original launch in the mid 1990s, the Land Rover Centre concept had received accolades from retailers, press, and customers alike. But after a decade of use, many facilities were becoming tired and outdated. SDA collaborated directly with the manufacturer, retailers, and product designers to interpret the company’s brand values in a more modern way. The result was so dramatic that both new retailers and long time Land Rover enthusiasts applauded the effort, and dozens of facilities are being updated right now. “Working with SDA was great. They made site visits and ironed out what we wanted to do. SDA was prompt with getting drawings back and provided everything we needed to move forward.” - Jim Snell, Owner Land Rover Dallas 13
  19. 19. VOLVO CARS of NORTH AMERICA Over the last few years, SDA has been entrusted with enhancing the image of the safety focused and environmentally conscious Volvo brand. The Volvo team presented SDA with some key challenges: • Tailor a global design direction to North American tastes • Improve feasibility & costs for local execution • Protect Volvo design and brand values • Develop a leading environmentally friendly solution As part of SDA’s ongoing design project work with Volvo Cars, we consulted with the manufacturer and its retailers on how to be better stewards of the environment. SDA identified and sourced alternative materials that have reduced environmental impact as well as lower costs. 14
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  22. 22. BOUTIQUE LUXURY CONCEPT SHOWROOM The boutique luxury concept showroom is an excellent example of SDA’s unique design capabilities and ability to translate brand identity into an increasingly modern environment. The design is not only exciting & expressive, but it also reflects the latest thinking in upscale retailing. Focused on luxury consumer experience, the design exudes style, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. In a retail environment where individual customer attention for sophisticated consumers is even more important than ever, boutique designs can create a competitive edge in the marketplace. 17
  24. 24. The Jaguar Land Rover dealership on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles provided a significant challenge for Pendragon PLC, one of the largest automotive dealership conglomerates in the business. Their need to utilize the existing space, meet civic requirements, and deliver the proper design direction of both brands as required by the manufacturer created a complex scenario. Pendragon looked to SDA to solve their business challenge and not only design a solution that would work exceptionally well for their business, but implement it as well. We embraced our project management role for this facility and developed a design solution that exceeded expectations. Because of our experience on both sides of the project equation, you can rest assured that SDA doesn’t just dream up fabulous designs, but also ensures that every “It is such a small site, [but] SDA made it work and it looks great at night project we undertake is feasible and adaptable to unique when the traffic on Sunset Blvd. is driving by.” individual site requirements. - Dermot Brennan, VP Operations, Pendragon PLC 19
  25. 25. NEWPORT BEACH “Customers are blown away when they walk inside and see the new look of the showrooms.” - Dermot Brennan, VP Operations Pendragon PLC 20
  26. 26. The Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Newport Beach, CA is another great example of SDA’s ability to provide practical solutions to business challenges. Pendragon PLC again approached SDA to attack a unique design situation: how to fit three premium brands under one roof while keeping an open and spacious feel. The site is limited in total square footage, but is an ideal location that boasts high visibility and proximity to high end retail shopping. As a result, SDA provided a solution that allowed the retailer to maintain their presence in a location where they had generated significant customer equity. By working with all three brand manufacturers, strategically locating the service center in an alternatively customer convenient location, and developing an internal boutique style layout, SDA was able to once again deliver results. SDA guided the project all the way to its grand opening as one of the most upscale, sophisticated, and successful retailers in the nation for all three brands. 21
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  28. 28. SUMMARY Through individualized service, SDA ensures that not only are our designs innovative and of exceptional quality, but also appropriate for each client’s objectives, budget, and time frame. We offer a number of advantages that can maximize the value to your business, such as: • ‘One stop shop’ service or individual ‘menu’ services. • Extensive experience with automotive and luxury brand clients • Local & international pool of professional & technical resources. • Single point of contact for speed and consistency. • Knowledge of local construction industry and supply chain. • Proven implementation strategies. Whether you are looking for a complete one stop solutions provider, or the ability to choose from a menu of needed services, SDA can leverage its international resources, low overhead, and extensive industry experience to generate outstanding results for you. We provide excellent service at an affordable cost, and truly want to become a partner with you in delivering your brand experience to customers. 23
  29. 29. 4 VENTURE VICTORIA FOUNDRY SUITE 260 MARSHALL STREET IRVINE, CA 92618 LEEDS LS11 9EH 949 754 0450 +44 (0)113 288 1000 U.S.A. U.K. The designs and material shown in this document are the property of SDA Partnership USA, Inc. and are not to be used or disclosed, in whole or in part, except in accordance with a contract, license or agreement in writing with SDA Partnership USA, Inc.