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Andy wiederhorn interview


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Andy Wiederhorn is the acting chief executive officer (CEO) of Fatburger restaurants. Fatburger, has seven franchised branches based in the UAE. Most of these restaurants are located in Dubai and the company is planning to open an additional ten restaurants in the upcoming future.

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Andy wiederhorn interview

  1. 1. During a recent interview with a business magazine, Andy Wiederhorn, CEO of Fatburger, opened up about the success of his business. Fatburger restaurants are going up with high sales for numerous years according to Andy Wiederhorn, the CEO. The comparable sales of the restaurant for the previous fiscal year moved up 1.5%. This is the first time the annual estimation has been so high.
  2. 2. In 2006, the company opened its first international location in Canada. Since then, Fatburger has gained a reputation for operating in unexpected locations such as Iraq, Libya, and Pakistan. First international fatburger restaurants
  3. 3. Know more about Andy Wiederhorn click here: And for more details about fatburger click here: To contact Fatburger headquarters, please write to: Fatburger North America Inc. 9606 Santa Monica Blvd., Penthouse Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Tel. (310) 319-1850 Fax. (310) 319-1863 Contact details
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