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  1. 1. INSTITUTION A Media Studies Key Aspect
  2. 2. What are they?  In Media Studies we are concerned with the institutions that create media texts.
  3. 3. In a nutshell  Understanding institution is about understanding: 1. who produces media texts 2. what their set of codes and values is 3. and their relationship to us as individuals
  4. 4. Ownership  Media ownership is now concentrated in the hands of a few companies worldwide (seven main ones), and these companies own examples of many different media.  tline/shows/cool/giants/
  5. 5. Vertical Integration  Vertical integration is where a company buys other companies that relate to its core business  An example of this is NewsCorp. Investigate who they own
  6. 6. Horizontal Integration  Refers to when a company moves sideways, buying different media.  An example of this is Disney http://corporate.disney.g w.html
  7. 7. Synergies  This is the process where two or more products are used to promote each other e.g. A hit film make lots of associated products available, which in turn helps to keep the film in the public eye.  Everyone’s a winner!
  8. 8. Film Institutions  Hollywood  ‘Independents’  Cinemas  Production companies  Distribution companies  Marketing companies  BBFC  And pretty much anything to do with getting money!
  9. 9. Some interesting stats  m/databank/factsandfigures.p hp