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3rd #mediaedchat


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Published in: Education
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3rd #mediaedchat

  1. 1. #mediaedchat Pushing Media Studies Trending Words forwardPushing Media Studies forward media, @nizlamb, @andywallis, think, up, mea, more, rt, teachmeet, teachers, tonights, something, people, local, &Event Participants
  2. 2. RT @petesmediablog: #mediaedchat any ideas on things we can do via MEA site let me know 12-Dec-12 00:03 | hgaldinoshea#mediaedchat So exciting to see students lead broadcast under that live event pressure+work alongsidestaff+peers from other arts subjects. 12-Dec-12 00:01 | TallisVMA“@andywallis: @nizlamb should we aim for TeachMeet style events or something more unique? #mediaedchat”Would love to see this happening! 11-Dec-12 23:59 | hgaldinoshea#mediaedchat Sorry I missed chat. Xmas concert+our 1st yr13 Btec multicam live edit Internet stream.Footage+talkback recorded for debrief. 11-Dec-12 23:55 | TallisVMA#mediaedchat argh missed this. Bt there seems very little in my area. Do the media groups work? 11-Dec-12 21:49 | KTSMedia1@andywallis Hi Andy,Im a media HOD from the NE, wasnt aware of #mediaedchat but would love to getinvolved next time. Sam 11-Dec-12 21:05 | beetlebug1@nizlamb I think you are right, approach from all available angles #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:52 | andywallis@nizlamb Thats very true, and easy to forget one youre immersed in it #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:51 | digitaldaisiesI think we perhaps place too much premium on e-communication. Just because we are using doesnt meancolleagues at same level #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:50 | nizlambA quiet #mediaedchat this week (not surprising for the time of year!), but thank you as always to all who wereinvolved. More next week! 11-Dec-12 20:50 | andywallisSo, something more physical for people to have, up the online presence, let MEA know whats happening, andmore biscuits! #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:46 | andywallisRT @petesmediablog: #mediaedchat any ideas on things we can do via MEA site let me know 11-Dec-12 20:45 | andywallis@digitaldaisies I think that can be achieved online (am sure Ive done it in the past somehow!) #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:43 | andywallisRT @LauraCurranBun: Will ask my group how they think media has helped in other subjects. Will tweet theirideas, or they can! #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:42 | andywallis@nizlamb #mediaedchat by the time they get it...crumbs! 11-Dec-12 20:42 | petesmediablog
  3. 3. #mediaedchat have to go in a minute as called to gate. Freezing fog so wish me and the pilot luck! 11-Dec-12 20:38 | petesmediablog#mediaedchat good idea Neil. Use some of that biscuit money! 11-Dec-12 20:38 | petesmediablogCan the MEA do more to support local groups? Does the website need more publicity? If so, how? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:37 | andywallis@nizlamb it might make a difference to have something tactile & personal. worth a shot at least! #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:36 | andywallis@andywallis perhaps I will send out an actual physical newsletter in the New Year #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:35 | nizlamb@LauraCurranBun definitely get students involved to promote it in the right manner love seeing that happen#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:34 | andywallis@nizlamb call me old fashioned, but a headed written letter inviting colleagues to an event would work imo (aswell as e-means) #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:33 | andywalliswhat is the best way of keeping in contact with colleagues? email often gets ignored or forgotten, Facebookgroups?#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:31 | nizlambSo as there are several MEA local groups out there, how can we get the message out to the many?#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:31 | andywallis@digitaldaisies seems like youre getting back into the loop! :) #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:30 | andywallis@nizlamb absolutely, but I think we have to in the right manner (without the shouting!) #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:28 | andywallisRT @nizlamb: can be difficult to keep up momentum & energy without slipping into spam/lone nut job shouting atpassers by? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:27 | andywallis@digitaldaisies have you thought about setting up a local group for Media teachers? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:25 | andywallis@LauraCurranBun absolutely, so would a TeachMeet style event help to promote that? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:22 | andywallisI think the momentum is happening for people who are willing to risk going out there & meetin up in different area#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:21 | andywallis
  4. 4. @nizlamb in some ways, I think that attitude needs to change & is a BIG problem for MS #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:17 | andywallis@andywallis #mediaedchat not sure thats true! Lots of people I meet are unaware of teachmeet as a concept 11-Dec-12 20:17 | petesmediablog@andywallis i think maybe media teaching is fun part of what lot of english teachers do so they are happy with itas sideline? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:16 | nizlamb@TheoKuechel @nizlamb I think as a starting point a TM style would be good, as its now recognisable by most#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:15 | andywallis#mediaedchat joining you from departures at Belfast airport! Flight delayed 11-Dec-12 20:14 | petesmediablog@andywallis teachmeet good if geographically convenient maybe less easy somewhere like East Sussex wherewe are more spread #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:14 | nizlamb@nizlamb so is that a league table induced aspect in terms of priorities or something deeper? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:14 | andywallis@andywallis @nizlamb Im not a media teacher but have an interest - I would think Teachmeet would be ideal#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:13 | TheoKuechelas much as they might like it to be #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:12 | nizlambI think a problem we face is that a lot of media teachers are first & foremost english teachers so media is not theirpriority #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:11 | nizlamb@nizlamb should we aim for TeachMeet style events or something more unique? #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:11 | andywallisthe difficulty is sustaining interest and contact with all the other pressures and workload commitments thatteachers have #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:10 | nizlambHaving set up a local MEA group (East Sussex) I hope I have contacted all or most of the media teachers in thearea. #mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:09 | nizlambRT @andywallis: How many people are aware that local MEA groups are being set up around the country?#mediaedchat 11-Dec-12 20:05 | andywallisRT @andywallis: #mediaedchat coming up at 8pm for those about on this very cold evening... 11-Dec-12 19:49 | digitaldaisies
  5. 5. tonights #mediaedchat topic 8-9pm 11-Dec-12 09:34 | nizlamb“@andywallis: Tonights #mediaedchat topic ”Kind reminder to @petesmediablog that this is taking place tonight ;) 11-Dec-12 08:52 | hgaldinoshea@MediaEdAssc tonights #mediaedchat should be particularly relevant to the MEA 11-Dec-12 08:38 | andywallisTonights #mediaedchat topic Thanks to @hgaldinoshea for coming up with it 11-Dec-12 08:37 | andywallis