Fabulous 4 Pak: Best Root Booster at a Fraction of cost


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Grab your best root booster from Advanced Nutrients Fabulous 4 Pak; Piranha Liquid, Tarantula Liquid and Voodoo Juice with an extra bonus of Bud Candy at $99.60

Follow this Link: http://www.advancednutrients.com/Fab4Pak

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Fabulous 4 Pak: Best Root Booster at a Fraction of cost

  1. 1. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com Description  Bud Candy employs natural processes to enhance the flavor of your crops.  Simple and Complex Carbohydrates along with propriety blend of natural ingredients.  Flushes out toxins and by-products from the harvest.
  2. 2. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com  Fuel beneficial bacteria and fungi in the root zone which thrives best on externally provided carbs.  Carbohydrates provides energy, create gourmet flowers with enhanced taste, size potency and aroma.  Designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco and soil growing medium.
  3. 3. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com  Bloom phase or flowering phase Directions:  Use 2ml/litre during weeks 1 through 6 of your flowering phase.  It is a root zone formula not designed as a foliar spray. Stage of Application
  4. 4. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com  Bloom booster  Taste and aroma enhancer  Increased potency  Gives stronger roots  Boost immunity and build strong and healthy plants.  Faster floral maturation.  Produce larger and heavier fruits, increasing yield. Benefits
  5. 5. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com  Fuels metabolic processes and boost plant metabolism.  Induces terpenoids production which enhance flavour and aroma.  Also provides the physical structure in flowering plants.
  6. 6. www.facebook.com/advancednutrientsinfo@advancednutrients.com Website: www.advancednutrients.com/Fab4Pak E-mail: info@advancednutrients.com Contact
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