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1:1 Adolescent Reading Program - Bastow Leading Literacy Course presentation. Nov 2012

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  1. 1. “OnBoard”1:1 Adolescent Reading Program Chaffey Secondary College 2012
  2. 2. Context• At any time 40-48% of our learners are below expected levels for reading• We use Torch, OnDemand (reading) and PM Benchmark formal assessments to make this observation
  3. 3. Context• Literacy Program• Re-trained teachers• Coordinator
  4. 4. Problem• Group of learners not progressing as expected in Literacy• Attitude and effort getting in the way of their own learning and the learning of others
  5. 5. Approach• Professional Learning• Professional Observations• Practise the Practice• Assign Students• 20 Weeks
  6. 6. Resources• Reading Recovery trainer• Literacy AP• ES Staff• $$
  7. 7. Hurdles• Staffing... appointments• Student attendance• Resource hungry
  8. 8. Outcomes “OnBoard” introduced• Jordan -
  9. 9. Outcomes “OnBoard” introduced• James -
  10. 10. Outcomes• Mean progress for students in original literacy program - 0.53 (n = 233)• Mean progress for students in OnBoard - 1.30 (n = 2)
  11. 11. Outcomes• “Yeah... nah... it’s good... I feel more confident...” • - James