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How businesses use social media


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Presented 3/14/12, Trine University AMA, Angola, IN. This is a look at how businesses use social media, with the starting reference point of how businesses communicated with their customers in the past.

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How businesses use social media

  1. 1. How Businesses Use Social Media Andy Fuller Villing & Company @andy_fuller @villingcompany
  2. 2. How (smart) Businesses Use Social Media Andy Fuller Villing & Company @andy_fuller @villingcompany
  3. 3. I work with these guys.
  4. 4. The good ol’ days “Advertising is based on happiness. We make the lie, we invent want.” - Don Draper
  5. 5. Draper’s World
  6. 6. Our World
  7. 7. The Connected Consumer They’re an audience with an audience.They use technology for expressions, and eschew being counted as impressions Vs.
  8. 8. Help! I need somebody… Information Experience Industry-related content LifeGeneral business operations What’s it like doing business?
  9. 9. Experience
  10. 10. Experience
  11. 11. Information
  12. 12. Information
  13. 13. con·text
  14. 14. con·text
  15. 15. Thanks! @andy_fuller@villingcompany
  16. 16. Images portrait.php wJSfo/To0LB8maoSI/AAAAAAAAC_M/0puRYea9f3w/beenie-ipad-1.jpg