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using technology for enhancing feedback and assessment in face to face teaching

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  • Why classroom technologies? Keen not to come in, rattle some sabres, scattergun ideas and walk out. Hence, keep focused on authentic activities which the majority of us can relate with. Also, combine with a very practical focus, in terms of evidencing impacts on feedback, and what you, the practitioner can do … ie., empowering you, and an emerging community of learning to form, and not rely on a central services model. So looking at the picture … this reminds me of when I taught 100-odd 2 nd yr undergraduates the mysterious arts of use of computer in economic modelling. Some people paying attention (rivoted with my pearls of wisdom), some people asleep, and some people talking. Question, how to enhance the learning experience.
  • Very simple technology, if I design the question correctly then I open up a very exciting opportunity to gain your thoughts (individually and collectively). Show how it works … open software, get results and paste into a word cloud for visual representation
  • Three perspectives, all around the need to enhance the way we teach face to face, and especially in large group teaching. They all challenge the current status quo around using the lecture for the didactic delivery of information towards a more active role for the student in creating their knowledge and understanding. University of Bath is a traditional institution with significant emphasis of teaching being placed on the lecture format. 1) Theoretical back drop – model for formative assessment within a face to face context. 2) Institutional drivers – specific reference to enhancing feedback and assessment. The e-learning operational plan, attempts to operationalise many of the strategic aims 3) Student feedback at the Unit / Departmental Level
  • The background is a course redesign based around effective uses of technology.    It is on a first year course,  over 100 odd students,  some outside the department,  with a 2 hour lecture and online seminars.    The assessment is one piece of coursework and an unseen exam. It is a semester unit (so around 12 teaching weeks).   See handout (word doc)   Also … cross reference with work of Christine Edmead … used ARS with questions drawn from quiz. Indicated to students their performance was poor, and motivated them to start engaging (using) the moodle quiz for formative assessment.
  • Don’t bother with e-mail lists – work the social, informal networks … agree on a tag convention
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