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A presentation at the JISC Curation in the Cloud workshop, March 2012.

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Eduserv Education Cloud

  1. 1. Education @andypowe11
  2. 2. What is the Education Cloud?• compute and storage cloud for HE and FE - IaaS• live(ish) but not yet true cloud• designed to address the some of the concerns of HEIs – data remains in the UK at all times – operated for the long-term benefit of the UK academic sector – directly on the JANET backbone – I used to say, “lower the costs associated with IT provisioning”, but … ?• a „community cloud‟ for education• built on our Community Cloud Infrastructure and what we‟ve learned from the UMF Cloud Pilot
  3. 3. What is the UMF?• University Modernisation Fund• £12.5 million from HEFCE to encourage uptake of shared services in HE – efficiency and value for money as key drivers• channelled thru the JISC Shared Services and the Cloud programme – research and administrative computing – JANET Brokerage, DCC and Eduserv – 4 SaaS projects – RMAS, DARE and ESB – running until end of March 2012
  4. 4. Delivered by Eduserv• not-for-profit IT services company• best known in HEIs for OpenAthens and CHEST• web hosting and development for government• 20 year sustainable track record of growth – >3.5m registered users of Eduserv-based services – 115 staff - turnover of £16.5m in 2009/10 – new datacentre in Swindon specifically for education and the public sector – JANET POP• charitable mission to encourage the effective use of ICT in „public good‟ organisations
  5. 5. Current … future• VMware vCloud (compute) – ~20 orgs on board• OpenStack currently on back-burner• rolling out File Storage – WebDav and SFTP… RESTful API (a ls S3)• PAYG and „reserved‟ pricing models• monthly and annual billing by credit card and invoice• …self-service, billing, tape backups for customer data, second DC for DR
  6. 6. Isilon storage• clustered NAS (with SAN-like performance)• scalable to 10PB (single addressable space)• no single points of failure• data striped across multiple nodes• MTBF 234 days (minimum 7 days)• MTDL 4851 years (minimum 1000 years)• but… need to guard against user/operator error, catastrophic disaster
  7. 7.