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Bitc risks and remedies in the home-download


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We frequently hear about the risks our children face when they are using the internet, even in their own home.

NetGenie is an inexpensive device that will significantly improve your digital safety and security

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Bitc risks and remedies in the home-download

  1. 1. Common internet threats ● Trolls ● Wargs ● Goblins ● Orcs ● Bad wizards ● Necromancers ● Gollumzesses
  2. 2. “But they were trolls. Obviously trolls... “... not to mention their language, which was not drawing-room fashion at all, at all.” J. R. R. Tolkien
  3. 3. Classifying internet threats usefully ● External, direct attacks – often technical in nature – we don’t initiate them – we can block them when they do but not stop them happening altogether ● Behaviours that can hurt us – The internet equivalents of going out wearing expensive jewellery or accepting lifts from strangers, or simply not bothering to lock the back door...
  4. 4. External, direct attacks 1. “I’m going to shoot you; it’s nothing personal.” ● Fraudsters and thieves: – Want your personal details and thence your money – Want to get other people’s personal details and thence their money – Want your personal details to defraud banks and on-line retailers – Attacks may not always be directly over the internet – Medium level of technical competence - the skill is in the deception – It’s a numbers game - low success percentage, but HUGE volume of attacks – It’s modern, organised, international crime, – Data and techniques are valuable, and traded on the “dark” net
  5. 5. External, direct attacks 2. “You’re nothing, I own you!” ● Hijackers: – Want to take over your equipment – Will to use your home as a base to attack others – Are VERY technically competent – NO TYPES OF DEVICE ARE SAFE. – Mistakenly thought of as just ‘viruses’ – Degree of penetration can be staggering (Stuxnet, web cams etc.) – Attacks usually automated (initially) – If they succeed, other types of attack follow, both towards you, and from your devices towards others
  6. 6. External, direct attacks: 3. ”You fascinate me, but not in a good way.” ● Stalkers, paedophiles, bullies and trolls: – It’s always personal – Will gain (or already have) personal details, to attack with – Can be obsessive loners, sociopaths or psychopaths... ... but can also be part of your social group! – Are often technically competent, may hunt in packs or be part of a cooperative (information or skills sharing) – Incidents may straddle the boundaries between cyber- and real space – Organised crime will be involved, if it sees “commercial” opportunities
  7. 7. How bad are the external risks? What should I pay attention to? Radicalization ignore be vigilant Damage Likelihood Fraud + theft Stalkers Paedophiles Bullies Trolls Hijacking Caution: all this varies with age, interests, social group, and personal notoriety!
  8. 8. Dangerous Liaisons Behaviours that can hurt us ● Disclosing personal information – Where you live, – What you do, – What you like, – Your birthday(!) – Your family details and images (“curse you, Facebook!”) ● Disclosing information to suppliers – You are rarely forced to transact on-line – Do you have full supplier details & do they check out? – Why are you making this transaction on-line? – What reputation do they have? Don’t trust eBay or app store feedback!
  9. 9. Dangerous Liaisons Behaviours that can hurt us ● Making "friends" across the internet – Who are they, really? – What’s the context in which you know them? – Why do you think you can trust them (be brutal!) ● Being too inquisitive (children and young adults): – Temptations: hacking, pornography, radical philosophies ● Expecting something for nothing ● Being repetitive: – Passwords and user names, mixing social and commercial identities
  10. 10. Special issues for young families ● managing children’s time on-line ● parental supervision versus children’s self-discipline ● naivete and innocence versus life experience ● mobile devices and 3G/4G internet ● intense peer pressure ● intense commercial pressures
  11. 11. “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” “In talking to dragons it is wise not to reveal your real name... nor anything about you.” Wisdom from J. R. R. Tolkien:
  12. 12. NetGenie: A tale of two boxes ● British-owned company ● Identity-based security ● Very fast ● Very secure ● Very expensive ● Similar technology ● Plastic box ● £89* *via the NetGenie purchase scheme
  13. 13. NetGenie: What’s special about it ● Very easy to use (lots of alternatives aren’t) ● Very secure – Comprehensive protection – Threat information updated automatically – Covers all internet devices in the home ● Very flexible: manage access – by child, – by age, – by activity – by time of day ● Hated by teenagers!
  14. 14. NetGenie: Why are we selling it? ● Good home security helps everyone ● It actually does what it should and what’s needed ● It boosts our reputation ● We think it’s the right thing to do ● Cyberoam presently doesn’t have a retail channel in the UK.
  15. 15. NetGenie: Our Purchase Scheme ● Schools or PTAs (or other organisations) take individual orders from familes and group them together. ● We accept orders from schools in ‘bulk’ (5 units or more). ● Parents get a discount, Schools/PTAs get ‘cashback’ based on quantity sold. ● Cashback as a fundraiser, or used for more discount to parents. ● UK helpline, support site and three years’ free security updates. ● Costs roughly the same as a Penguin in a lunchbox!
  16. 16. NetGenie: What we need now ● To talk to the right people! – Parent-Teacher Association committee members – School staff who own safeguarding responsibility – Other organisations who might adopt the scheme: ● NHW groups ● Nursery schools, Kindergartens & playgroups ● Churches, Mosques, etc. ● Community groups - Scouts & Guide Troops ● Ideas from you!
  17. 17. A couple of resources ● – Masses of very good on-line safety advice – Densely-packed, lots of technical detail ● – NetGenie and Purchase Scheme details, and this presentation (in Downloads)