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MQTT Hacks for Fun and... Fun!


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A selection of MQTT hacks from around the community

Published in: Technology
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MQTT Hacks for Fun and... Fun!

  1. 1. MQTT hacks for fun Andy Piper and… err… fun! @andypiperor, “on the Interconnectedness of All Things”
  2. 2. Developer Advocate @ Cloud Foundry social web enthusiast maker, educator, LEGO fan OSS supporter / contributor Eclipse Committer (Paho / MQTT), mqtt.orgLondon IoT, Green Hackathon, Home Camp, Cleanweb etc @andypiper a few things about me
  3. 3. the instrumented world | online people, online objects
  4. 4. “protocol soup” devices, formats, networks
  5. 5. History and background limitations of industrial deployment
  6. 6. memory, processing, network
  7. 7. Publish / Subscribe
  8. 8. MQTT != HTTPcomparing protocols
  9. 9. Data-centric Simple Lightweight e Distribution QoS Embeddabl
  10. 10. … so it’s super-efficient for mobile!
  11. 11. code!
  12. 12. home hackers and makers - developers are king
  13. 13. Device integration Arduino and prototyping
  14. 14.
  15. 15. “Now, you may wonder why Iwould want 20 rubber ducks toflash when my phone goes off…there is no scientific or technicalreason in itself. I just had a MiniCooper’s worth of rubber duckssitting around, unemployed.” - Chris Phillips
  16. 16. “It all started with the seemingly simple question – “How can I water the garden without leaving my laptop/phone/sofa using tech?” - Dan Fish
  17. 17. b“Kevin already had the headset hookedup to MQTT, so it would be trivial to usemy Arduino MQTT library to get them alltalking.” - Nick OLeary
  18. 18. More random-but-cool schtuffs• File sync over MQTT?• Desktop notifications and using-python-and-mqtt/• Web thermometers• Digital-to-analogue readouts• LEGO microscope control
  19. 19. instrumented cheese...
  20. 20. Smart Energy
  21. 21. Improving healthcare
  22. 22. ?
  23. 23. Try it http://test.mosquitto.orgGithub commit hooks, radio feeds, ActiveMQ, elwix, node.js, Ruby, Arduino, mbed, home automation...
  24. 24. pāho (verb) to broadcast, make widely known, announce, disseminate, transmit. (via the Maori dictionary) C clientJava client Eclipse View testing “sandbox”
  25. 25. +AMQP MQTT
  26. 26. run OpenWRT & Mosquitto on aMQTT nanorouter! TP-Link TL-WR703N
  27. 27. Connect @mqttorg @andypiper
  28. 28. Image credits• Construct (cover)• Ferry• Others author’s own, or royalty-free and CC-licensed works from, Flickr and Wikimedia Commons