Cloud Foundry Introduction and Overview


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Cloud Foundry Introduction and Overview

  1. 1. The Open Platform as a Service Andy Piper Developer Advocate @andypiper / apiper@vmware.com1
  2. 2. The Open Platform as a Service Deploy and scale applications in seconds, without locking yourself into a single cloud2
  3. 3. “I just want to deploy my code…”3
  4. 4. What if… ! target!<any!cloud> ! ! push!<my!app> ! bind!<my!services> ! scale!<my!app>!77instances!+10!4
  5. 5. What’s Happening with Applications Today?Frameworks are what really matter • Developer productivity and innovation • Reduce time to marketNew application types • Mobile, Social, SaaS • Apps released early and oftenData intensive • Emerging requirements: elasticity, multi-cloud • Web orientation drives exponential data volumesDeployed on virtual and cloud infrastructures • Virtualization, Cloud, PaaS5
  6. 6. Three layers Gmail, Salesforce, Flickr, Google Docs... Software Google AppEngine, Heroku, Cloud Foundry, Platform OpenShift, Apprenda... Amazon EC2, Google CE, Infrastructure OpenStack, vCloud, Joyent, Cloud Stack, Eucalyptus...6
  7. 7. Cloud Foundry – The Open Platform as a Service Target a choice of deployment cloudsProvide a choice of Bind a choice of development application frameworks services 7
  8. 8. Why Cloud Foundry?Developer Agility • Friction-free way to develop, test and deploy applications • Focus on writing applications, not meddling with middleware and infrastructurePortability without changes • Write once, test-scale-deploy to private/public clouds without code changes • Quickly build and test on a laptop and scale to the cloudOpen - The freedom to choose • Choice of clouds for deployment, industry frameworks, and application services • Extensible architecture to “future proof” for rapid cloud innovation • Community open-source project - access, evaluate and contribute8
  9. 9. CloudFoundry.COM – Multi-Tenant PaaS Operated by VMware CloudFoundry.COM (beta) Frameworks Services vCenter / vSphere Infrastructure9
  10. 10. Micro Cloud FoundryTM – Industry First Downloadable PaaS Micro Cloud Foundry Frameworks Services Your Laptop/PC Single VM instance of Cloud Foundry runs on a developer’s workstation10
  11. 11. CloudFoundry.ORG – Community Open Source Project! .NET x 2 ! Memcached! PHP ! SQL Server! JRuby ! Neo4j! Python ! CouchDB! Rails 2.x ! VirtualBox! Clojure ! Mono! Erlang ! Rack! Haskell11
  12. 12. CloudFoundry.ORG – Community Open Source Project CloudFoundry.ORG Community Frameworks Contributions Community Services Contributions Your Infrastructure Download Setup Tool Chain & Deploy Behind Code Environment Scripts Firewall Cloud Foundry BOSH Apache2 license12
  13. 13. Open Source Advantage: moves faster!•
  14. 14. Open Source Advantage: more innovation14
  15. 15. Cloud Foundry turned 1 year old April 2011! Services• Caldecott – tunnel into your services, explore with standard client tools• PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ! Frameworks, Runtimes, and Tools• Java, Ruby, Node & Play Auto-Reconfiguration• Scala, node.JS, Erlang, JRuby, PHP, Python, .NET, Spring 3.1, Grails 2.0, Play 2.0• Multi-Node Chef based deployment tools• Maven Plugin, Eclipse Integration• VMC manifests, Java Debugging, Rails Console• Standalone applications• native npm support in Node• Java 7, Node 0.8.2, Ruby 1.9• Eclipse tunneling, better ruby gem support! Micro Cloud Foundry x 315
  16. 16. Broad Industry Investment16
  17. 17. Multi-Cloud Flexibility is Critical! Make use of both public and private clouds without rewriting your applications! Protect against vendor lock-in! Meet different compliance and geographical needs! Manage your growth, accommodate peak loads & optimize costs Public Private Micro Clouds Clouds Clouds17
  18. 18. Cloud Foundry - Making Multi-Cloud a Reality Private Cloud Management and Public Cloud Distributions Deployment Operators .COM Bare metal18
  19. 19. Cloud Foundry – Key Use Cases New applications App modernization Dev-test-trial SaaS extensibility19
  20. 20. Cloud Foundry Logical View Developers Users vmc Routers CloudControllers App App HealthManager Execution Agents Services (DEA) Pool Messaging
  21. 21. Cloud Foundry BOSH21
  22. 22. Production Grade Cloud Foundry Clusters! 500 – 5,000 VMs! 40+ unique node types! 75+ unique software packages! 75+ unique environments! 2x/week updates! 24x7x365 non-stop operation! No-downtime deployments! Reliable, robust, repeatable deployments, updates, capacity adjustments! Small teams manage many instances production, staging, stress, qa, devGoogle style problem ! Google style solution22
  23. 23. Cloud Foundry BOSH! Cloud Foundry BOSH is an open source tool-chain for release engineering, deployment, and lifecycle management of large scale distributed services • Prescriptive way of creating releases and managing systems and services • It is not a collection of shell scripts, not a pile of Perl! Built to deploy and manage production-class, large scale clusters • Production grade Cloud Foundry clusters: 500+ VMs, 40+ jobs, 75+ packages • Multi-node, multi-tier, complex clusters: e.g., our Gerrit/Jenkins Cluster! Built for devops usage and scale by a crack team of veterans • A project, not a product: command line interface, YAML, etc. • Continuous improvement, iterative development, rough edges
  24. 24. IaaS neutral by designvSphere: battle tested implementation, thousands ofdeployments CPI: code completevCloud Director: CPI ready, 4Q 2012 functional status: “work in progress” Cloud Foundry BOSH Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) contribute:
  25. 25. BOSH Resources @DrNic @BrianMMcClain @VadimSpivak
  26. 26. Key Takeaways! PaaS is the application platform for the Cloud era! Cloud Foundry is the Industry’s Open PaaS • Developer agility • Portability without changes • Open system! What’s next? • Free Signup: • Get started: • Learn more on the blog: • Download your Micro Cloud Foundry: • Get the source code: • Follow us: @cloudfoundry • Watch us:
  27. 27. Thank You! Andy Piper Developer Advocate @andypiper / apiper@vmware.com27