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Building an Open Cloud Ecosystem with Cloud Foundry


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Published in: Technology
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Building an Open Cloud Ecosystem with Cloud Foundry

  1. 1. An Open Cloud Ecosystem @andypiper
  2. 2. Cloud Foundry - the Open PaaS OSS communityvFabricPostgres Private I) Ap CP Data Services pli Clouds e( ca fac ti on er nt Se rI vFabric Public rvi ide RabbitMQTM ce ov Msg Services Clouds Int Pr er d ou fa ce Cl Other Micro Services Clouds Additional partners services …
  3. 3. All the pieces to make “if you can’t open it, you your own! don’t own it” (O’Reilly MAKE)
  4. 4. Open & public from the start and Github
  5. 5. Can haz API? managing apps and clouds
  6. 6. Platforms and tools - examples
  7. 7. Keeping it all together
  8. 8. Thanks :-)