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L2 ap 2013


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L2 ap 2013

  1. 1. Example of coastal features along coastline around Torquay
  2. 2. Coastal features around Torquay • Label the following boxes onto your map. Discordant Headland. Series of headlands (Schists) and bays (slate and sandstone) River Dart. Sediment is deposited along the coastline from this river, contributing to the volume in the local sediment cell. Salcombe, Crowded Coast. Busy natural harbour (Ria) that is very popular with pleasure crafts. South Hams AONB. Tourists enjoy the scenery along the south Hams stretch of coast. Torquay. Popular coastal resort (English Riveria). Influx of retired people. High unemplyment.
  3. 3. Past Question
  4. 4. The coastal system (p211)