The pony treasure hunt: a short story


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A short story by Julia Corazon Oreta (7 years old).

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The pony treasure hunt: a short story

  1. 1. ThePony Treasure Hunt By Julia Corazon Oreta 19 May 2012
  2. 2. The PoniesMoonlight, the ponywith stripes Snowflake, the pony with snowflake spots Sunfall, the white pony with round spots Snowfall, a white pony with grey mane
  3. 3. Three friends, May, John and Mariefound a treasure map with the help ofMoonlight and Snowfall’s braveness.They got the courage to go look for thetreasure and explore lots of mysterieswith their ponies. Will the friends everfind the treasure?
  4. 4. • “Help!” screamed May as she nearly fell off Sunfall.• “Do you think she wants mints?” asked Marie.• “I think!” yelled John.• Suddenly Snowfall lifted her front hoof and made lots of droplets of water go on her rider.• “Stop it!” pleaded John.• “Snowflake please stop eating the hay!” Said Marie.• Moonlight snorted.• “He’s trying to sleep” said John.• “I know, right?” yelled May.
  5. 5. • “Shhhh!” hissed Mary and John.• “Sorry” whispered May.• “I’m gonna get my xylophone” said John.• “Ok” said May when Sunfall finally calmed down.• But Snowfall won’t calm down. She whinned.• “I’ll be back girl” he said. She whinned again.• “Neigh!” hissed Moonlight.• “Better hurry” said May.• “Ok!” he yelled as he ran into the palace and bumped into his Mom.• “What’s the hurry, son?”.• “Nothing” he said.• “Ok, honey” she said.
  6. 6. • He ran into the room and got his xylophone and ran back to the stables.• He played a song but as he played, he didn’t notice a ribbon dangling in front of May’s face.• “What is it?” asked John.• “I don’t know!” screamed May.• That took Snowfall by surprise, and fell in the water. “Neigh!” he squealed.• “Sorry Snowflake” said May. And tripped on a rock and fell in a bucket of milk.• “Milk, fresh from a cow!” giggled John.• “Who turned off the lights?” asked May.• Marie took the ribbon and read it.
  7. 7. • “A map!” she shouted and woke up Moonlight.• She snorted. “Sorry!” said Marie.• “Treasure?” asked John.• “Yep” she said.• “Cool!” said May.• Snowfall nudged May at the head.• “Huh” she asked.• Snowfall found another paper.• “Guys look at this!” shouted May.• “What is it May?” they asked.• “Snowfall found something!”• “Cool” again said John.• May took the paper.
  8. 8. • “Let’s go to bed” said John while they walked in the palace.• “Ok!” said May.• “Nah” said Marie. “I’m not sleepy”.• “Ok but sleep!” said her mom. “Fine” she said.• When they climbed into bed. Marie took the paper Snowfall found but she couldn’t understand it.• “Letters” she thought.• But before she put it back she fell asleep.• Next day she can’t find her friends but she found a note. It said: meet us at the stables.• But when she got there, “there was no sign of them!” she said but she remembered the note also says: we’re going to the forest!
  9. 9. • “Uh, oh” she thought.• “Let me wait for them” she said but they didn`t come.• “Did they get lost?”• Just then she saw Snowflake and Snowfall galloping home. She saw no one on them.• They both whinned.• “They look sad” said the groom Joe.• They whinned again.• “I`ll come with them” she said.• “Careful!” said Joe.• She got Sunfall and galloped into the forest.
  10. 10. • She found John and May trying to swim away from the waterfall.• “Help!” they yelled.• “Ok!” Marie said while getting a rope.• She pulled them out of the waterfall.• Joe came trotting on his horse, Shadow.• “I’m glad you’re safe!” he said.• “What were you doing um looking for the” - before he finished his sentence, May slapped him.• “Shhhh!” she hissed.• “I love secrets!” Joe said.• “Treasure!” they all shouted.• “Let me help!” he said.• “Ok” they all said again.
  11. 11. • The ponies whinned. Sunfall snorted.• “What’s wrong girl?” she asked.• “She smells mints” giggled Joe.• “Neigh!” Sunfall said.• “The ground is hard here!” said Joe.• “Treasure?” they asked.• “Maybe” he said.• “It isn`t” said May as she dug.• “It’s just a horseshoe” she said.• “That‘s mine!” said Marie.• “Really” asked Joe.• “Yup!” she said.• “Magnet, nail, ring,and a coin” said John.• “No treasure?” said May.• “There must be!” said Marie. “The map has it!”• “Wrong place?” said May
  12. 12. • “Let’s camp!” she said.• “Ok” said John.• “Bye!” said Joe as he galloped away with Shadow.• At night, they slept in a tent.• The next day, May screamed.• “What is it?” yawned John.• “My backpack is gone!” she screamed.• “It’s there” said Marie.• “Oh” she said.• Marie slept again.
  13. 13. • “Treasure time!” John said.• “Here is where the treasure is” shouted John.• “There’s the X!” he said.• “Treasure!” they said.• “Lets dig it up!” said May.• “Yeah!” said Marie.• “Treasure!” they shouted again.• “Lets bring it home!” said Marie.• “They’re jewels!” they said.
  14. 14. • “Cool!” said Joe galloping on Shadow again.• “You’re back!” said Marie.• “Of course I am, silly!” said Joe.• “Lets bring our tents home” John said.• “I told you that we`ll find it” said Marie.• “I thought so” said May.• “Let’s bring it home” May said again.• As the three friends galloped home, with the ponies, they felt great.• THE END