Jose Diokno: A Nation for our Children


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Jose Diokno, Filipno, Nationalist, Freedom fighter delivered his speech "A Nation for our Children". Here are excerpts.

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Jose Diokno: A Nation for our Children

  1. 1. Jose “Pepe” DioknoPublic Servant & SenatorNationalistPeacemaker & Non-Violent Freedom FighterHuman Rights LawyerScholar & Educator
  2. 2. A Nation for ourChildren By Jose Diokno
  3. 3. “There is one dreamthat all Filipinos share:that our children may havea better lifethan we have had…”
  4. 4. “ … So there is ONE VISIONthat is distinctly Filipino:the vision to make this country,our country,A NATION FOR OURCHILDREN…”
  5. 5. “ A NOBLE nation,where homage is paidnot to who a man isor what he owns, …”
  6. 6. “… but towhat he isandwhat he does…”
  7. 7. “A PROUD nation,where povertychains no manto the plow …”
  8. 8. “ …forces no womanto prostitute herselfand condemns no childto scrounge amonggarbage…”
  9. 9. “A FREE nation, where men and womenand children from all regions and with all kinds of talents may find truth …”
  10. 10. “… and play and singand laugh and danceand lovewithout fear…”
  11. 11. “A JUST nationwhere whateverinequality existsis caused not by theway people acttowards each other …”
  12. 12. “…but by differencesin natural talents; …”
  13. 13. “… where every farmerhas land that no one can grab from him …”
  14. 14. “…every breadwinner,a job that is satisfyingand pays him enoughto providea decent standardof living …”
  15. 15. “ … every family,a home from which itcannot be evicted;and everyone,a steadily improvingquality of life.”
  16. 16. “An INDEPENDENT nation which rejects foreigndictation, depends on itself, thinks for itself, …”
  17. 17. “… and decides for itselfwhat the common good is, …”
  18. 18. “…how it is to be attained, and how its costs and benefits are to be distributed.”
  19. 19. “An HONORABLE nationwhere public powers areused for the public goodandnot for theprivate gain …”
  20. 20. “… whereleaders speaknot only wellbut truthfullyand acthonestly;…”
  21. 21. “a nation that isitself and seeksto live in peaceand brotherhoodwith all othernationsof the world.”
  22. 22. “Is this vision attainable?Or is it just an idle dream? “
  23. 23. “If we baseourselves ontoday, we wouldbe tempted toconclude that it isan idle dream.”
  24. 24. “For our country today is in a MESS.”
  25. 25. “We Filipinos are avariegated people.But all of usare Filipinos …becausewe share thesame dream…”
  26. 26. “Whether we like it or not, WE ARE ONE NATION with ONE FUTURE, …”
  27. 27. “… a future that will be as bright or as dark as we remain united or divided.”
  28. 28. “If we can but release the creative energy of our people…”
  29. 29. “…then we will have a nationfull of hope and full of joy,full of life and full of love…”
  30. 30. “…a nation thatmay be a nation forour children butwhich will bea NATION OF OURCHILDREN.”
  31. 31. Source
  32. 32. On Violence“If resort to violence is natural in man,so are attempts to control it. Manwants to live, but he also wants to livewell. Life is not worth living, if he mustlive under the constant lash of fear.Violence is a part of life, yes…But to tame violence is to civilize life.”
  33. 33. On the Insurgency Problem“Food and freedom, job and justice –these are the keys to peace. … we(must) recognize these needs forwhat they are, and that the answersto them are not intended to stoprebellion or subversion, but to enableevery Filipino to live as a humanbeing, proudly and with dignity.”
  34. 34. On Development “Development is not justproviding people with adequate food, clothing and shelter. Development is also peopledeciding what food, clothing and shelter are adequate, and how they are provided.”
  35. 35. “Development for whom?…or do we mean by development that we are developing a better people – people with a conscience, people with a heart, people with the guts to stand up and defend their rights?”
  36. 36. On People’s Rights “We cannot enjoy civil rightsunless we enjoy economic, social and cultural rights, anymore than we insure our economic, social and cultural rights unless we can exercise our civil and political rights...”
  37. 37. “True, a hungry man does not have much freedom of choice. But equally true, when a well fed mandoes not have freedom of choice, he can not protect himself against going hungry.”
  38. 38. “If we do not struggle with all thatwe have and do all that we can to vindicate our rights, we do not only condemn or rights to death;we also condemn our hopes andour dreams, our present, and our children’s future.”
  39. 39. On Unpopular Governments As any regime grows arrogant then it “ begins to underestimate the intelligence of its people, to continue to deny or distort reality,to exaggerate accomplishments – in short, to lose all credibility.”