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Flip video to Mac converter, import flip video Ultra/Mino/slideHD to Mac, import flip video to apple iMovie, iTunes, iDVD, Quicktime, flip camera FAQ and accessories.

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How to import flip video to mac1232

  1. 1. Import flip video to mac and FAQ-1 about flip camera Part one: FAQ about import flip video to Mac FAQ: When many friends import flip video to Mac, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD,Quicktime etc, many problems pop up, just as below: a:Connect my flip camera with Mac through usb, but can not play flip video on my Mac? b: I'm trying to import videos from my flip video camera into imovie, etc on my mac. every time i try, only the audio gets imported with a blank screen, or only shows a "record using isight" tab instead of the "import" tab. Does anyone know how to fix this? c: When i import flip video to QuickTime , it crashes and always the same report shows up"The file could not be imported:can’t be imported; QuickTime couldn’t parse it: -2048." need help! please! d:I recorded about 10 min of footage from flip mino HD, plugged it into the itunes, open it, all it does is freeze in the loading screen. I really don't want to lose this footage so please help!!! Diagnosis For Mac users, Macintosh supports MPEG-4, namely MPEG-4 part 2 (a.k.a. MPEG-4 simple profile) and MPEG-4 part 10 (a.k.a. H.264).iMovie,, iTunes, iDVD,Quicktime etc like mov etc best. If you are
  2. 2. having issues with playing your Flip videos on your Mac computer, you need to download the necessary codecs or convert flip video to right formats. Tips:If you can not import flip video to windows pc, the reason may that You have an older versions of QuickTime 7.4.5 or lower that unable to decode Flip videos properly. JUST upgrade to the latest version of QuickTime to resolve the windows playback issues experienced with the Flip HD videos. Solutions: 1: Someone recommends installing the free FlipShare software, and run FlipShare at least once to install the required codecs to enable playback of your Flip videos on your Mac. However, flipshare only convert flip video to wmv, and newest version even no this function 2: Someone suggest : Try connecting first before launching iMovie and see if that fixes it. Then vise-versa if no luck. You might have to try different combos like powering on the camera then plug it in or plug it in then power up. Try as many combos as you can before ruling out a worse problem. Sometimes it's just a bad connection - bad cable. Be patient and it should work with the right combination. You also can try, but to be frank, useless and waste time. 3 : Download various codecs may help you, however, complex and you must be a master-hand. I just suggest a simple and useful way for all the
  3. 3. people, iorgsoft flip video to Mac converter decode you flip video to Mac by just three steps. Ⅰ: flip video to Mac converter supports batch convert flip video to Mac mp4,mov, dv, h.264/ mpeg-4 avc, mpeg-2(part2), avi, wmv etc for importing to Mac iMovie, iTunes, iDVD ,Quicktime etc with best output quality and fast speed. Ⅱ: flip video to Mac software also supports convert flip video to mkv, mpg, flv, dv, 3gp/3g2, flv, hd video( hd mp4,avi, mov, mpg, wmv), rm, rmvb, m4v, swf etc and import m2ts to iPad, iPod, iPhone3G/4GS, iMovie, iTunes, FCE , Adobe Premiere ,YouTube etc directly on Mac. Ⅲ:Using flip video to Mac converting tool Mac, you can extract audio from video and save as mp3/mp2, ra, wav, wma, aiff, aac, ac3, amr, m4a, mka etc Part two: Import flip video to iMovie and edit flip video with iMovie Step1: Using flip video to mac program convert flip video to iMovie. Step2: Import flip video to iMovie. Select "Import Movies" from the File menu and select the multiple converted flip videos from the browser. Then Drag and drop them into the timeline of iMovie. Step3: Editing Clips. Click the scissors icon to split clips and add titles and transitions between clips to replace jump cuts. Audio sounds can be added from built-in sound effects, CDs, and voice recordings.
  4. 4. Step4:More edit steps about iMovie:Titles(clipOverlay title, over black clip, Edit titles), Transitions/Edit transitions, Split Clips, Change Speed, Reverse clip direction, Create a still clip (image), Effects etc. Step5: Export your movies, Click the "Share" menu and select "Export Movie" to export your movies. No doubt, iMovie is a great video editor, however, it is a little complex to use, do some simple edit, like clip, crop, split, trim, apply effect etc also can use flip video editor for mac, just free download to have a trial yourself.
  5. 5. Part three: FAQ about flip camera and accessories FAQ about flip camera: 1:How many times can we charge the battery? Well, the normal battery lifespan of Flip camcorder batteries is 500 charges. 2:How to delete videos from the flip camcorder? The Delete Button on the camcorder is represented by a trash can icon. just Scroll to the video which you wish to delete and touch/press the Delete Button. 3:Can I fast forward or rewind video While I am playing it on my
  6. 6. camcorder? Yes.Simply hold down the right arrow button to fast forward.Simply hold down the left arrow button to rewind. 4: what version of HDMI is used, Flip Mino 120 min or Ultra HD 120min? Well, The Flip Mino HD 120min and Ultra HD 120 min use HDMI version 1.3a. 5:My camcorder automatically power OFF, WHY? In order to save battery life and maximize camcorder's use time, the camcorder automatically shuts off after a certain period of inactivity. Flip camera accessories Surely there are a series of accessories for flip camera that can help you protect and use your flip better. Flip Video Power Adapter, Flip Soft Pouch,flip USB cable, flip video tripod, flip video underwater case, flip video skins etc.