6 steps to writing a book people will read


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Discussing the different steps you need to take to write a book that is interesting and read by a number of people. Let it be a secret no more.

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  • Andy,
    That was a powerful presentation - so clear, concise and the images say it all. My favorite part was the 2 images, one presumably created by the author and one by a designer. No comparison.
    I liked this post so much that it spurred me to create a blog post with your SlideShare embedded. http://www.marketingourpractices.com/2014/05/08/6-quick-and-easy-steps-to-writing-your-book/

    Dr. Erica
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6 steps to writing a book people will read

  1. 1. 6 Steps To Writing A Book People Will Actually Read Crazy Things We Do For People To Read Our Most Prized and Privileged Thoughts!
  2. 2. Overview • Why Write The Book • Writing The Book • Crafting A Title • Building A Platform • How To Self Publish • Self Publishing Does Not Mean Doing It Yourself
  3. 3. Where do you need help in the book writing process?
  4. 4. Why Write The Book The average book takes 6-9 months to write Therefore, we must know why? •Additional Books Sales •Increased Client Sales •Build Your Brand •Authority
  5. 5. Writing The Book • What do you want to write about? • Research, Research, Research • Be Consistent Writing
  6. 6. What To Write About? • Biggest Question You Will Ever Answer As A Writer: – What questions do your clients & prospects have for you? – What is the biggest misconception in your industry? – How are you different from other businesses? Why?
  7. 7. Create An Outline http://startupgap.com/startup-gap-questions/
  8. 8. Crafting A Title • The title is your unique selling proposition for the entire book. • Make it unique • Test out different titles with prospects before you launch
  9. 9. Building A Platform • Promoting a book does not just happen – Build your list – Use Social Media – Connect with Other Power Players In Your Niche – Find media contacts
  10. 10. How To Self Publish • Options: – CreateSpace/Kindle – Nook – Smashwords – Print On Demand – Ebooks – Audio Books
  11. 11. Self Publishing Does Not Mean Doing It Yourself Just For The Book You Will Need: •Editor •Graphic Artist Then To Promote the Book: •Social Media, Blogs, and Videos •Reviewers/Testimonials •Email Campaigns •Book Signings
  12. 12. Why I Need An Editor
  13. 13. Why You Need A Graphic Designer Initial Final
  14. 14. Reviewers
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. How Can We Help You? • Write a book with us. Every three months, we write and promote a group book that is published on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. You contribute up to 2000 words, and get to say you are published author. • Experts in various fields to speak about how to use specific business systems. • Book planning sessions to help you publish your Amazon Kindle book. • Access to the recordings, if you missed a meeting.
  17. 17. Not For The Faint of Heart • However, we know this membership is not for everyone! • Financial Professional • Highly Regulated Industries • Someone who cannot accept criticism.
  18. 18. Here's who will benefit from this membership! • Work At Home Entrepreneurs • Network Marketers • Real Estate Professionals • Coaches • Sales Professionals • Affiliates • Start Ups
  19. 19. What’s The Catch? • Microsoft Word 2010 or later • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or Pinterest account (2 out of the 5) • 1 hour per week (on average) to get the book published. During the week of publication you should be able to commit at least 2 hours to promoting the book with the rest of your co-authors.
  20. 20. “Writing is the easy part for me. But compiling, formatting, uploading, promoting - all of these must happen. Who has time for all that, even if you already know how? By joining StartUpGap what I didn't know already was done for me - leaving me free to focus on writing and promoting. Anyone can become a published author, because Andy and his team will do much of the work for you and teach you how to help promote your book. Many of those participating have been doing online marketing for years. We have large followings and the skills to get your book in front of your target audience.“ Gail Gardner, GrowMap.Com
  21. 21. Candace Chira
  22. 22. Trish Darragh
  23. 23. How To Get Started? While comparable services run as high as $7000 per book, our membership is only $27 per month. Go to: http://startupgap.com/member